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Indola UK launches XpressColor range, Spring/Summer Smart Street Style collections and the brand new #smartsocialcreators team!

Indola UK are excited to announce their brand new colour range, XpressColor, that comes hand in hand with their Spring/Summer Smart Street Style collection. The launch day took place at Easton Regal hairdressing in London where journalists, editors and stylists gathered for the ‘fastest press launch ever!’

Nick Biggane, the Trade Marketing Manager of Indola UK, opened the launch by introducing XpressColor with a short presentation and explained how Global Ambassadors, Paddy McDougall and Andy Smith would have just ten minutes to beat the buzzer and present their colour skills and styling expertise!

Paddy wowed the audience in the first ten minute segment by applying a full head of XpressColor to his model whilst explaining why he loves the range and answered any questions along the way. Nick followed this up with a fascinating history of Indola, the thought behind the XpressColor range and their motto of ‘life in the fast lane’. Following this, the presentation shifted to Indola's brand new Spring/Summer Smart Street Style collection, inspired by the pavement catwalks of Europe. Paddy and Andy had spent the morning colouring, cutting and styling their models' hair, taking inspiration from the collection to recreate the gorgeous looks. The duo then came out separately to present their skills and explained how they had adapted the styles to suit the individuals for day to day wear.

They say good things come in threes and Indola have confirmed it! As well as a revolutionary colour launch and a brand new collection, Indola UK also launched their first ever #smartsocialcreators team! The team is made up of ten talented and passionate hairdressers from around the UK that love the Indola brand, and we were lucky enough to have the majority of the group there for the launch day! Nick said,

I’m thrilled about the brand new #smartsocialcreators team. Having a group of individuals that are passionate about the Indola brand and coming together for training and events is something we’re all really excited about… Watch this space!

After the exciting launch morning, the #smartsocialcreators spent the afternoon learning all things digital! Their first session was held by the extremely talented professional photographer, Matt Crossick. He spoke to the team about what makes an interesting Instagram feed and gave them tips and tricks to make their feed slicker. After the presentation, the team put what they had learnt into practice by capturing content of the models using lighting around the room and outside in the streets of London.

To finish off the day, the team sat down with Nick and LWPR’s Laura Glazebrook to go through the ins and outs of a successful Instagram business account, when to post, how much to post and what to post etc. By the end of the day, the team were buzzing with excitement! Abbey Jarrold, the Creative Director at Images Hair Design said,

I had the best day! From start to finish I didn’t stop learning. I’ve always loved adding content to my Instagram page, but I have learnt so much today about lighting and angles that I didn’t know! I am really excited to be a part of this team and can’t wait to get involved in more training and events!

Another two talented members of the team, Alan Heritage and David Brooke from Two’s Company said,

We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the launch event with Indola! We’ve always loved the brand so we’re really excited about working closely with them on key events and training sessions.

The #smartsocialcreators team are:
  • Emily Whitfield - Emily Whitfield House of Hair, Ellesmere Port
  • Lynndy Rolfe - Hair by Lynndy, Northampton
  • Alan Heritage - Two’s Company Hair and Beauty, Witney
  • David Brooke - Two’s Company Hair and Beauty, Witney
  • Chloe - Two’s Company Hair and Beauty, Witney
  • Abbey Jarrold - Images Hair Design, Woking
  • Andrew Minarik - Louise Faye Hair & Beauty, Kibworth, Leicestershire
  • Andra Petrea - Andra R. Petrea.
  • Nikita Smith - Hair by Nikita, Chelmsford
  • Melanie Doyle - MelVicMakeup, Warrington

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