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Great Lengths Hair Extensions at Great Lengths Dubai

Great Lengths

Great Lengths started their business 30 years ago with a brand focus of strong ethics and quality control.

The finest quality human hair is traceable as part of the sourcing process that begins in India and completes at the production facility near Rome in Italy. Every strand of hair is cared for by skilled craftsman and continued new technology in application is always at the forefront to achieve excellence.

The process for Great Lengths Hair starts with Depigmentation…

The hair is washed in oxidant solutions several times to remove natural pigment and all chemically treated hair is discarded to guarantee the distinctive quality of Great Lengths Hair

Next in the process is Pigmentation…

Hair is submerged into a solution where pigments are added to tone the hair colour to the desired shade using Great Lengths colouring products which are extremely delicate.

And finally Blending…

Strands of hair are hand-blended to create the colour incorporating many different shades to increase colour depth and achieve the natural appearance of human hair.

Great Lengths clients place the brand at the top of the luxury hair extension market because of the hand-blending procedure that can obtain over 90 shades.

Book your Great Lengths Hair Extension service at the luxury salon location of Great Lengths Dubai in Al Wasl Road on or call +971 4 395 2013

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