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Fudge Professional has launched the third episode of its social media miniseries, ‘In the Chair’ hosted by Fudge Professional Global Brand Ambassador, Jonathan Andrew.

Fudge Professional created the series that explores the open, honest, and secret-spilling relationship between a hairdresser and their client and gives viewers a backstage pass to what happens when your favourite celebrities get in that hairdresser’s chair.

With salons now open and lockdown hopefully a distant memory, Fudge Professional welcomed television favourite, Vicky Pattison to the hot seat for a stunning blonde transformation and chat about the hair journey she has been on.

Renowned for her brunette locks, Vicky had been toying with blonde wigs during lockdown and decided to embrace her inner blonde bombshell when lockdown ended. Jonathan Andrew explained:

We had seen how great Vicky looked in her blonde wigs and chatted to her colourist, Harold Casey, about maybe doing it for real. Harold’s been part of the Fudge family for a while and introduced Vicky to the range, so it was a natural collaboration for us all.

It is well-known that women often transform their hair colour after a breakup or similar trauma - this hair transformation was Vicky’s “breaking up with lockdown” life moment! For Vicky, who has had a publicly turbulent love life, shares in the film that this is now the happiest she has been in years and so was the first time she has felt confident enough to take brave steps towards going blonde!

It seems that Vicky is not alone in her desire to ‘breakup with lockdown’; in April 2021, Fudge Professional delved into the minds of 2000 women across the nation to get the feels on their hair woes during lockdown and if women are as emotionally tied to their locks as we may have thought. Following lockdown and compared to pre-pandemic, just like Vicky, over a quarter of the respondents admitted that they are more likely to have a hair or colour transformation. We especially loved that 19% attributed a hair change, specifically to a celebration of the end of lockdown – just as Vicky has!

During her ‘In the Chair’ consultation, Vicky also shares that she had always been wary of how her partner, friends, family, and followers would react if she went blonde – she even did a poll of her 4.7m Instagram followers to ask if she should take the plunge, and 50% of them said no! In true Vicky style, she fudged the Rules and did it anyway; and she now says she has “never felt sexier”, “fancies herself a bit” and even “I recognise myself more as a blonde!” The Fudge Professional national survey found that Vicky is not alone; almost 1 in 3 UK women would be put off from transforming their hair colour as they are worried it would not suit them. Jonathan says:

Hairdressers will often see women undertake a major hair transformation after a big change or trauma in their life. I love that Vicky’s decision was linked to breaking up with lockdown; I think we can all relate to that! Vicky has undergone a serious makeover - having three colour sessions with Harold to take her from her trademark dark brunette to this new fabulous ashy champagne blonde. It was important that she did not compromise on the condition, so Fudge Professional Damage Rewind was her go-to during the colour transformations. The innovative Opti-PLEX™ technology in the care products penetrate deep into the hair’s core and reconstruct bonds after chemical treatments, so was ideal to use. The cult Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind shampoo and conditioner was the finishing touch to achieve her fantastic, toned finish in the chair whilst filming. Vicky’s blonde transformation looks incredible.

With plenty of care, maintenance, and styling tips shared In the Chair, Vicky learns a new way of “cocktailing” that does not involve alcohol and receives one of her best blow-dries yet. Vicky explained:

With my gorgeous new blonde from Harold and glamourous blow-dry from Jonathan, I definitely feel ready to tackle the world after breaking up with lockdown. I recognise myself now more as a blonde. I have had to have patience during this colour transformation journey, but it has meant the condition of my hair is perfect. Plus, Fudge has given me the tools to take the salon home with me and #ownmytone; the Fudge Clean Blonde products will keep my new blonde looking fresh and fabulous for longer.

To watch ‘In the Chair’ with Jonathan Andrew and Vicky Pattison, head to @fudgehair on Instagram.

Hair styling by Jonathan Andrew for Fudge Professional
Hair colour by Harold Casey for Fudge Professional
Makeup by Kate Glanfield
Production by Cry Havoc
The Chair from Takara Belmont

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