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Need to reboot your skin's radiance? Jumpstart your glow with Time Bomb's new effervescent luminary: InstaWOW Sparkling Facial Mask.

In mere minutes, this bubbling blast purges pores, ignites your inner light and gives your complexion a glassy-smooth, translucent, luminous surface.

Moments after applying InstaWOW gel mask, you'll feel the fizzy business begin! Effervescent actives go deep down to bubble up make-up and debris, clarifying pores and leaving your skin remarkably lighter, brighter and tighter. Formulated with energising citrus extracts and sparkling, humectant-rich glycerine, InstaWOW delivers a quick hit of nourishment and a fast blast of moisture. The result is major inner glow, major outer InstaWOW!


Apply 4-5 pumps to freshly cleansed skin and smooth evenly over the entire face. The gel will quickly begin to fizz. Leave on for up to five minutes, then massage with fingertips and rinse off. Can be used up to three times per week.

Time Bomb InstaWOW Sparkling Facial Mask £16.50 / 250ml

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