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The final piece in the puzzle for planet-conscious hairdressers is now available: introducing the world’s first sustainable scissors from Leaf.

Designed and handmade for sustainably minded stylists, Leaf is on a mission to not only bring incredible tools to the industry, but to also create a real shift in how the professional hairdressing industry thinks about sustainability.

Leaf plant a minimum of 10 trees for each pair of scissors sold – with more than 24,000 planted already. Working with the Eden Reforestation Project not only are Leaf helping to rebuild valuable forests, but they are also supporting projects across the globe to allow local people to benefit from fairly paid jobs and stable incomes.

Scissors are delivered in 100% recyclable packaging, and the brand have further strengthened their mission by partnering with Green Salon Collective to collaborate with like-minded brands and organisations. Leaf understand that sustainability is about a collective effort, and that by making a united commitment as an industry, the impact will be even more powerful and positive.

As well as providing a sustainable approach to hairdressing, Leaf also believe in making their tools accessible to everyone, which is why their bestselling scissor is also available on a 12-month subscription. A tree will be planted for each month of the subscription, and after a year there is the option to get a brand-new pair of Leaf scissors, upgrade to a different pair, or keep the existing pair and stop all payments. The introduction of subscriptions makes their scissors an affordable option, while still supporting sustainable initiatives.

On top of their impressive green credentials, Leaf scissors are also beautiful to look at – and use. Designed by hairdressers, for hairdressers, and handcrafted in premium Japanese steel, the offset ergonomic design is suitable for all levels of experience and feels like an extension of the hand, allowing for maximum freedom of creativity and expression.

Completing their impressive brand values, Leaf have also launched the Leaf Academy. Building on the belief that there is nothing more rewarding than sharing knowledge, Leaf Academy has been created with the mission to educate, inspire, and empower the hairdressing community with a mixture of trend-led hairdressing tutorials and classic foundation techniques. Working with world-leading hairdressers, they have created a collection of video tutorials to inspire, educate and motivate.

Brand Ambassador, Charlie Gray says:

Working alongside Leaf has been a truly great partnership and one that makes me really proud. As a brand, Leaf is aligned with my way of thinking and their ethos matches my beliefs. The Leaf mission is to do great things for the environment, as well as within the hairdressing industry, and to help make the shift towards more sustainable ways of working. Not only is their vision and attitude fantastic, but their products are some of the best I have ever used throughout my career; I would honestly recommend them to every hairdresser at any level of experience. I look forward to an ongoing partnership and to working with Leaf to spread their message and to create even more beautiful content and education with their products.

Ky Wilson, Brand Ambassador, adds:

Working with Leaf Scissors is about more than just top-quality products. It’s about working with likeminded independents who have so much substance, and a constant hunger to create a noise for change. Working with them, not only as an ambassador, but also to bring incredible education to the industry, is something I am very proud of. Leaf Scissors have a very bright future ahead in this industry and I’m so excited to be along for the ride.

Brand Founder, Steve McManus, says:

We started Leaf Scissors with a clear objective, to provide high quality tools and to be sustainable, because we believe we have to make a difference. In our first year alone, we provided over 1000 hairdressers with Leaf Scissors and because of that support, we planted over 10,000 trees. More personally to me, I created my own business to have more balance in my life. Leaf Scissors allows me to be the best possible Dad to my 3 children, one of which has ASD, and a husband to my amazing wife, Jane, who supports me greatly. This was a driving factor for me to create a brand which not only positively impacts the planet, hairdressers, and my team, but also my family.

This work-life balance ethos runs deeply throughout our company because we believe that is a more sustainable way of working. It is important to slow down, regroup and make sure we are always making the right decisions as a company and as individuals too. Our approach to sustainability, both with our business, team and our products is something we hope will inspire other parts of the industry and encourage them to do the same. It’s been an incredible journey so far, what we have created is something that I and the team are all incredibly proud of and we can’t wait to continue into the future.

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