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According to Google, men are growing more and more curious about their hair. Numbers started to grow in 2015 - thanks to the ‘man bun’ (eek), but even as that particular ‘fashion’ started to die off, the want to look good has not.

Raw Supremo is a neat range of grooming products created by a team who understand the lack of variety in men’s grooming products. They are bored of seeing the same old stuff in plain packaging smelling of something their Grandad’s used to splash on their skin. With Raw Supremo’s unique coconut and lime fragrance, the perfect product is now available whether you take pride in your painstakingly grown ‘bandholz’ (to you and I, a beard that has been grown to its limit aka Rag ‘n’ Bone man) or perfectly shaped facial hair (such as Robert Downey Jr), the perfect product has been formulated for you so you can shop, then style with speed and be confident that you look good round the clock.

The range…
Invigo Beard 30ml Beard Oil

A unique formulation with Grape Oil, Argan Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to soften and treat beards in the earlier stages of growth. The oils help to treat beard itch and the flaky skin underneath, along with working as deep conditioning agents to soften, tame and aid the natural growth of your beard. Experience told us that while an oil needs to be heavy enough to provide control, no-one wants a greasy mass on the end of their chin, so that it is exactly what we have delivered. The lime and coconut fragrance will leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Balming Mad 30ml Beard Balm

The perfect combination of Argan Oil and Oat Oil with taming and conditioning butters to help weigh wayward hairs down, help them find their shape and keep them in line. Formulated to nourish your beard from root to tip, while enabling you to sculpt your ideal beard shape!

Twizzle My Stache 30ml Moustache Wax

For moustache perfection you need something a little firmer to keep those shorter and coarser hairs under control - who really wants curls frizzing up and out on their upper lip??? Whether your moustache is a half way point to growing a whole raft of facial hair or a statement in its own right, Twizzle My Stache contains nourishing Olive Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to keep your facial trophy neat, tidy, healthy and conditioned.

Cleano Supremo 30ml Shave Oil

Shaving Oil is a must for preparing your skin. The oil will help you to avoid unnecessary pulls and cuts - think glide rather than drag. The Raw Supremo Shave Oil will protect your face from scrapes, nicks and cuts by providing a protective layer for your skin. Argan Oil will penetrate and moisturise to leave skin feeling ultra-smooth.

Aromo Foam 100ml Shaving Cream

Aroma foam has an instantaneous foam which will reduce time spent prepping your skin (more time to stay in bed) and reduces the chance of cutting the skin. The cream softens and raises coarse hair which is hard to cut when it is dry making it easy to cut with less effort. Argan Oil and Oat Oil nourish skin and hair follicles - no friction or damage when using Raw Supremo!

Supreme Smoother 100ml Facial Moisturiser

Men’s toiletries represent the fastest growing market segment today and it’s predicted to grow significantly with skincare as the leading marker segment. Why? Because men are no longer just moisturising after a shave or when they have spent too much time in the sun! Moisturising should be as routine as brushing your teeth. Supreme Smoother facial moisturiser is packed with Argan and Oat Oil, but is still affordable, making that twice daily application justifiable. The exceptional formula reduces any shaving irritation, infuses skin with health and vitality and leaves skin fresh after shaving. The unique scent that is synonymous with the Raw Supremo brand removes the need for that well-known aftershave sting! Ouch.

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