Jacks of London's New Partnership With Calm

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Jacks of London have chosen CALM as their official charity for the year. CALM stands for Campaign Against Living Miserably. The Campaign Against Living Miserably exists to prevent male suicide, the leading killer of young men in the UK.

CALM is a campaign and a service for men, about men and focused on men. They offer support and information to men via their website and through their helpline and texting service open seven evenings a week.

At Jacks of London we believe we have the opportunity to help CALM promote their message to our large male audience, generate awareness for their services and in turn help to reduce male suicide in the UK. We would also like to help raise funds for the charity to assist them in continuing their good work.

Each of our five stores held an event on the 14th and 16th June to launch our partnership with CALM. Promotional materials and copies of CALM’s magazine were displayed around the salon, whilst our staff swapped their usual uniforms for t-shirts with the CALM slogan, ‘Save the Male’, and each made a small contribution to the charity for their ‘mufti’ day. Donation boxes were also placed in-store for clients to make a donation if they wished.

To find out more about CALM visit http://www.thecalmzone.net. If you wish to make a donation visit the Jacks of London donation page www.justgiving.com/jacksoflondon or make a donation in any of our five stores.


  • 76% of suicides* in the UK are male.
  • Suicide is the biggest killer of young men in the UK - bigger than road accidents, murder and HIV/AIDS combined.
  • 3 young men kill themselves every day.
  • 12 men kill themselves every day.
  • The highest suicide rate is in Men aged 35-49.
  • Currently the highest rates of male suicide in England & Ireland are in the 35-39, 40-44 and 45-49 age groups. 

* In the United Kingdom, suicide is defined as deaths given an underlying cause of intentional self-harm or injury/poisoning of undetermined intent. ** Source: ONS, 2011

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