Keep Hold of Your Glow

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It’s official, summer is over... but that doesn’t mean your holiday glow has to be!

If you want to maintain that natural looking ‘just been to the beach’ colour, then look no further than Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle (£28, 30ml). For the first time ever, that holiday glow has been bottled so you can look like you’ve just come back from the beach all year round.

Neither a self-tan nor a stain, Holiday in a Bottle is a new concept from the renowned team of innovators at Federici Brands. This oil-free, paraben-free liquid sunshine features micro-pigments that burst on touch, spreading sheer colour evenly over the skin, warming and enhancing the natural colour of the face.

Available in two shades, ‘sun kissed’ (the lighter shade of the two) and ‘Suntanned’ (for those with a more olive complexion), both formulas are sheer, forgiving and blend with any skin tone. Celebrity make-up artist Gemma Smith-Edhouse says,

There is no other product that creates such a natural looking sun kissed result.

Holiday in a Bottle is available from and QVC.

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