Kent Christmas Gift Set

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Christmas has come early thanks to the Kent Salon Christmas Styling Set. Everything you may need for your team to get your clients party ready.

The Kent Salon Christmas Styling Set includes a selection of top Kent Salon Brushes, including:

  • The KS04 Dressing Brush: Moulded from a single piece of heat proof ABS, the brush is poised and balanced in a way that is second-to-none. The extended curved and tapered handle finishes in a beautiful point, making it ideal for picking up and sectioning hair. The head is filled with three rows of natural boar bristle mixed with nylon for added strength. The brush head and handle feature opposite curves to fit the shape of the head, which also improves weight distribution for nimble work when needed!
  • The KS07 Paddle Brush: A full size paddle with fat rounded quills and an ergonomically perfect handle for fantastic detangling and smoothing.
  • Ceramic Brushes KS10, KS11 and KS12: The metal heads of these ceramic brushes are coated with a durable, specially developed ceramic coating, which has the capability to heat up quickly enabling these brushes to distribute heat more evenly and hold it for longer - resulting in fast blow-drying and quicker styling.

Not only do you get some super-styling Kent Salon brushes, the kit also includes four sectioning clips and a water spray bottle all in a portable travel case! The case costs £60, and to stock/purchase head to the Kent Salon website:

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