Lighten, Lift and Colour without Compromise

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Lightening and colouring can damage your client’s hair, leaving it dry and brittle. This is now a thing of the past thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s new Fibreplex system. This protection system raises the bar for hair colourants, reducing breakage by up to 94% in three simple steps.

Fibreplex can be added to any salon colour service to protect the hair structure during lightening, lifting and colouring. The result.... minimised hair breakage at no extra effort, all while retaining the same colour quality.

The chemical process behind colour treatments can cause long-term damage to the hair, leading to hair breakage. However, colourists can now breathe easy and give their customers the courage to try a new colour without worrying. The Fibreplex system from Schwarzkopf Professional strengthens and nourishes the hair, and is suitable for both salon applications and home colour care kits.

Step 1
First, mix the Fibreplex N°1 Bond Booster with the colourant and developer - it doesn’t matter whether you’re lifting, lightening or colouring the hair. When the colour process starts to work, Fibreplex protects and enforces the hair fibres. Hair will immediately feel strong and healthy with reduced hair breakage - even at this early stage!

Step 2
After rinsing, work in the Fibreplex N°2 Bond Sealer and leave for five to ten minutes for a nourishing treatment before rinsing out. This gives the hair an extra dose of smoothness and stabilises the bonds enforced in step 1.

Step 3
The Fibreplex experience doesn’t end at the salon. The third step in the Fibreplex system is an application that’s specially designed for after-care at home. The Fibreplex N°3 Bond Maintainer ensures a long-lasting colour result and a resilient hair structure that’s protected against new damage, especially from heat. It should be used twice a week on damp, just-washed hair, left on for five to ten minutes before rinsing out. This will ensure the hair stays healthy-looking and nourished from root to tip until the next colour appointment.

Simple solutions

The simple integration of Fibreplex into the normal colouring process makes salon application really simple with no need for additional steps in the process. Colour results will not be altered by the Fibreplex N°1 Bond Booster and the product will not affect coverage or the anticipated lightening level. Thanks to Fibre Bond Technology, the individual hair strands will become strong and sealed using Fibreplex treatments, leaving the hair cuticle smooth and shiny. It’s the perfect innovation for all those who regularly want to try something new without worrying over hair breakage!

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