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Love That Hair, published by Octopus/Ilex Books, is a beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide to hairstyling and up-dos for teens to those in their early twenties.

Simon Webster Hair team’s Hayley Mallinder was approached to create the content for the book after styling the publisher’s hair for years and impressing with her vast repertoire of styling ideas and inspiration.

The brief was to create a diverse collection of looks that could be practiced at home and recreated on your own hair or on your friends’. The easy to follow instructions by Hayley and intricate illustrations by Emma Leonard set it apart from the usual hair how-tos online and in publication. There are 32 looks that can be styled in minutes and with minimal accessories and product needed.

Hayley’s selection was inspired by the trends and styles she saw worn around the streets of Brighton by different social groups and was honed by hours practising on models in-salon at Simon Webster Hair, Brighton. Each look was meticulously photographed and then broken down into the key stages, which were interpreted by top fashion illustrator, Emma. Once complete, Hayley wrote-out the steps from the perspective of a non-hairdresser to ensure the looks are easily achieved, with little fuss, a few tricks of the trade and ultimate impact.

The book is priced at just £9.99 to make it accessible to the young audience it is aimed at inspiring. Hayley launched Love That Hair at Simon Webster Hair’s exclusive Big Hair Do event on 27th September, where she also offered styling tips and advice as well as signing copies of the book.

Love That Hair is available to buy from the salon and makes the perfect Christmas stocking-filler, with over a month’s worth of styling for under a tenner! It’s the ideal gift for anyone wanting to expand their styling repertoire or looking for tips from a professional to enhance their own ideas.

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