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Three trends, three directions. For the Essential Looks SS16, Schwarzkopf Professional’s global styling team has transformed spring/summer trends from fashion weeks around the world into inspirational looks.

Under the name ‘Made to Create’, Schwarzkopf Professional developed the striking Urban Sports, Freecreation and Future Wave looks, whose colours and styling can be recreated step-by-step by salon stylists. In the looks, stylists and their customers will find inspiration and tips for bold, wearable looks and natural, elegant styles.

The Essential Looks SS16 collection ‘Made to Create’ stands for playful creativity, the artistry of hairstyling and authentic looks.

The current creative landscape is fresh, playful and experimental, and this is reflected in our Essential Looks. We are inspired and driven by more than just trends and technologies; we wanted to celebrate hairstylists as the artists they are, says International Creative Director Simon Ellis. Stylists find inspiration from all around and harness their own tools to realize a unique vision.

With the Essential Looks SS16, Schwarzkopf Professional is putting stylists’ creativity in the spotlight and has developed looks that fuse together loud colours and bold cuts, as well as more subtle looks that accentuate the wearer’s natural beauty.

The Essential Looks SS16 trends at a glance...

Urban Sports

Trainers have conquered fashion shows and designer collections, and are now the epitome of urban, sport style with clean silhouettes – and this is what inspired the Urban Sports trend. Steve Hogan, Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Creative Director and Head of the Essential Looks team, says, "Urban Sports is synonymous with a dynamic city lifestyle."

The cut reflects the lightness of light-as-air fabrics and strikes a powerful, expressive silhouette. Bold colours and surprising hair effects relax the seriousness of the look. Whether styled with the hair pulled back, over to the side or gently pushed out of the face by hand, there are no limits to this bold look. Even men can wear the Urban Sports look – with a short back and sides and lightly textured, tousled lengths, or pushed back for an intriguing dichotomy of sport and elegance, using OSiS+ Play Tough, for instance. A splash of colour can be added with IGORA ColorWorx. The eight bold colours can be mixed with Schwarzkopf Professional colorants for a shiny, long-lasting colour result.


This trend is incredibly expressive. Freecreation is inspired by unique fashion style – an artful layered look that’s cut to suit each individual wearer. "This look is a truly free-spirited approach that invites you to mix it up", says Steve Hogan.

It can be styled to be androgynous or feminine. Short hair with a graphic, choppy cut is precisely styled as though the hair naturally fell that way. It also works for longer hair, which can be simply worn down. The hair is versatile, yet controlled. OSiS+ Undercoat offers the perfect primer for this style.

Freecreation combines different natural blonde tones, which can be applied together with the new IGORA Vario Blonde Lightener Cream. The cream consistency is ideal for free-hand coloration and the natural blonde tones are cool and authentic, which really suits the look’s mix-and-match style.

Future Wave

With Future Wave, Schwarzkopf Professional has peered into the future. Steve Hogan explains, "With this look, we’re heading into a new era of modernity."

Space silver and pure white dominate the look, giving a nod to the fashion trends of the future. The style embodies movement, placing curls and wave’s front and centre. Curls large and small look voluminous and elegant – and despite a space-age feel, Future Wave is also wearable and trendy today! The curls were styled using OSiS+ Bouncy Curls and OSiS+ Curl Honey. In contrast to the model’s futuristic clothing, the use of natural hair colours gives the look a little demureness. The IGORA Royal Nude Tones offer powdery, earthy tones that give the hair an effortless, unforced colour combined with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Get the app!

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks app has undergone a spring/summer overhaul, following the launch of the latest Essential Looks SS16 ‘Made to Create’ collection.

The Essential Looks app is an exclusive portal to a world of inspiration. With look-books to view and create, product information, ambassador information and revolutionary cut, colour and styling training and step by steps; the app has everything trend-setting hairdressers and consumers could want, all in one place. Users can access trend reports and all the latest news from Schwarzkopf Professional and the fashion world, with articles and blogs packed with inspiration and passion. Live shows are streamed onto the app, with video highlights and exclusive backstage images available at any time.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android and can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play.

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