Men’s Hair Workshop Returns with a Bang!

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The first Men’s Hair Workshop of the year took place on Monday 25th January at the Alan d Academy in Smithfield, London with a unique opportunity to learn from an array of mentors from different industry backgrounds, including Ian Florey from Karine Jackson; Ian Rotman from HOB Salons; Joey Power from Barber Barber UK; Jonathan Andrew from Jamie Stevens; Marcus Giamattei from Marc Antoni; Oliver Prestage from Mahogany and Seung Ki Baek from Rush.

The event was hosted by Edward Hemmings who conveyed his excitement at seeing so many students taking part in what is always such a popular evening for The Fellowship. Ian Florey from Karine Jackson said,

It has been fantastic working with the two students and their models. I have been able to educate them in disconnection and undercutting techniques, and I have loved being able to work so closely with them.

Ian Rotman from HOB Salons said,

This is my second time working as a mentor at this workshop, and I love being able to give something back to the industry youth. The three students I have been working with have really developed their skills in clipper work and I get to see this development first-hand.

Joey Power from Barber Barber UK said,

Working so closely with the two students has been so rewarding, and we have worked on their clipper over comb expertise. This is my first time mentoring and I have loved every minute!

Jonathan Andrews from Jamie Stevens said,

I worked with two very different levels of hairdressing with my two students, and we fine-tuned; tailored and enhanced solid fundamental techniques. What a rewarding night.

Marcus Giamattei from Marc Antoni said,

It is always a pleasure to be part of this fantastic event as it is so interactive and really tailored to the individuals own skills. I was able to provide education on skin fading and working with head shapes to create the desired finished look.

Oliver Prestage from Mahogany said,

Tonight has been brilliant and I have really enjoyed being one of the mentors for the night. We have worked on tailored sharp shapes and I have been able to provide knowledge in how to melt the hair away into the skin to create amazing finishes.

Seung Ki Baek from Rush said,

This has been an amazing evening to be part of with the opportunity to really interact with the students on a one-to-one level. Working with classic haircuts and skin fading they created beautiful current looks - right on trend!

The students had a fantastic evening, and Edward Hemmings concluded the night with a certificate presentation. Lauren Road from Gatsby and Miller said,

I was able to learn some amazing new techniques and I cannot wait to take all the knowledge back to the salon. This was my first time at this event, and I feel so much more confident in the skills needed for barbering and men’s hairdressing. A great night!

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