Montibel.lo Launch Tsubaki Oil: A New Ritual for Beautiful Hair

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Spanish haircare brand Montibel.lo are pleased to announce the addition of the brand new Tsubaki Oil (130ml, RRP £22.80, 30ml RRP £6.50) to their best-selling Gold Oil Essence range. Formulated with pure essence derived from precious Tsubaki Oil hailing from Japan, this multi-tasking oil will become an essential part of your beauty routine due to its nourishing, colour-prolonging and anti-ageing properties.

Tsubaki Oil is obtained from Camellia Japónica, known as Japanese Winter Rose, which has surprising behaviour and qualities. This very special bush flowers in winter at extreme temperatures, meaning its seeds are rich in protective, moisturising and repairing components. Manual harvesting and cold pressing achieve a maximum preservation of its nutrients, turning it into a powerful oil, which efficiently restores the skin and hair. It has become highly valued in Japan, where its oil has been an essential part of women’s beauty rituals for centuries, and has become a symbol of longevity, love and happiness.

Because Tusbaki Oil has a high content of Polyphenols, Fatty Acids Omega-6 and Omega-9 (high absorption active ingredients that rapidly penetrate the hair fibre), it is designed to treat strands that lack nourishment, moisture and shine. The innovative formula replaces the lipids into the hair cuticle, increasing its cohesion as well as nourishing the cortex to give hair strength and vigour. What’s more, it contains Vitamin E Acetate and UVA-UVB filters to help you achieve radiant hair.

Hair Rituals:

Use on wet hair for nourishment, repair and moisture
Pour a few drops of the product on to the palm of your hand, depending on the length and thickness of the hair. Apply over towel-dried hair and watch as it’s quickly absorbed.

Use on dry hair for extra softness, shine and vitality
Distribute over mid-lengths and ends. A few drops are enough to give amazing shine and a perfect finish.

So if you’ve been searching for the ideal product to nourish and repair damaged hair plus prolong their colour, look no further than this rich, hydrating oil from Montibel.lo. Ideal for those looking for a hit of moisture or hoping to achieve radiant hair, Tsubkai Oil is sure to transform your haircare routine.

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