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A four-strong team of inspirational and influential hairdressers are back from Delhi as part of Schwarzkopf Professional’s Shaping Futures initiative.

Rhys Davidson [Rhys Davidson Hair Design], Bronagh Rea [The Workz], Jane De Francesco [Jane Creative Hair] and Manuel Naso [Roesener Hair Family] were in Delhi from 5th to 17th October for a life changing experience teaching underprivileged young adults the art of hairdressing.

Shaping Futures is a social initiative launched by Schwarzkopf Professional in cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages, helping to transform the lives of young children around the world. Alongside two Schwarzkopf Professional Technicians, the team of four hairdressers were chosen to provide a two week intense training course to teach hairdressing skills for these young adults to get a job and earn a living. The students were taught how to cut, straighten, curl, style, perm and colour hair, and at the end of the course have been placed for apprenticeships within one of the large hairdressing chains in India. Jane De Francesco said,

This was my second trip with Shaping Futures and it was just as rewarding as the first time! I am incredibly committed to the initiative and was thrilled to be chosen for the Delhi trip. The best part of the experience was watching the quieter female students grow in confidence and really come out of themselves during our time together. I strongly recommend others take on this experience, it’s a fantastic opportunity to help others and grow as a person.

Rhys Davidson said,

I went to Jordan earlier in the year so it was great to experience India with Shaping Futures. It was an incredible trip; I can’t speak highly enough of it. The children are so polite, eager to learn and grateful for the opportunity. Shaping Futures has completely changed the way I look at my business, how I manage my staff and how I live my life day-to-day. It’s a very heart-warming experience that I’m looking forward to doing again and again.

Bronagh Rea said,

My favourite part of the experience was the show at the end of our two weeks, it was great to see all their hard work pay off. They were fantastic! Overall my trip to Delhi was just amazing, the Shaping Futures programme is incredibly important to me and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

Manuel Naso said,

The kids were all very motivated and work extremely hard. The whole trip was a great experience and a really special time for me. I’d recommend the initiative to anyone; the people and students have such a big heart and are incredibly friendly.

Shaping Futures are heading to Jordan and India again in 2016 to continue to make a difference to young people’s lives. For more details and to apply please contact [email protected].

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