One-to-One Training Classes with Same Biddle

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Independent global educator Sam Biddle is offering one-to-one training classes to nail technicians, bringing a new way of learning and a great start to succeeding in the nail art industry.

Training with Sam Biddle is highly sought after; she takes her ‘Be Inspired’ classes all over the world and works with leading brands and educators as well as nail professionals on every level.

Sam also covers individual private training days, these are days which are on a one-to-one basis, and each day is tailored to your individual needs. Working on specific areas it is a concentrated day that will propel your skill level and career.

Working with Sam in this way is like attending ten group workshops, you have her undivided attention all day and get to work alongside her as she creates examples for you to recreate. She teaches you how to broaden your own individual style and enhance your talent in the direction that suits you.

Working with your own products in your own environment, Sam makes sure the only thing you need to be concerned with is working on your nails, the stress is completely removed. Sam loves to teach and sees it as an exchange of knowledge;

For every lesson I give, I learn as much as the students.

For more information on spending the day with Sam and honing your skills, contact [email protected]

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