Patrick Cameron Presented With Legend Award at the Alternative Hair Show

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On Sunday evening‬, after spending two days at Salon International, Patrick and his team attended the Alternative Hair Show at the Royal Albert Hall.

Patrick had been invited to present some of the awards by the Alternative Hair Show founder Tony Rizzo, but when Patrick was called onto the stage by Roberto Pissimiglia to present the awards he got quite a surprise, as the tables were turned and he was in fact presented by industry icon, Robert Lobetta with the acclaimed Alternative Hair Show Legend Award. Following in the footsteps of Vidal Sassoon, Annie Humphreys, Robert Lobetta and Klaus Peter Ochs, Patrick has now joined this unique club of industry Legends.‬‬

For Patrick, having this honour bestowed upon him was not only a great surprise, but also a tremendous honour. The Legend Award highlights the respect Patrick commands the world over for his innovative and imaginative hair work. Patrick commented,

I feel very grateful to have been chosen to receive this incredible award. I love what I do and I love to give back to our wonderful industry, to be acknowledged for this makes me feel very humbled and truly honoured.

For Patrick being awarded this fantastic accolade was a special part of an incredible weekend to remember for the international hair maestro.

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