Paul Falltrick takes education to Europe: 2 countries, 4620 miles, 24 models, 2500 people - all in 3 daysÕ work for the Falltrick Team!

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Dynamic hairdressing duo Paul Falltrick and Ross Taylor from award-winning salon Paul Falltrick Hairdressing have taken education to the next level by travelling 4620 miles to Turkey, Slovenia and back again to present on 24 models to 2500 hairdressers and all in just 3 days!


Turkey: L-R Paul Falltrick, Ross Taylor


For the first leg of their journey, the pair headed to Turkey as part of the Matrix World Tour to demonstrate the latest trends and techniques to an audience of over 1500. Styling 12 models in total, Paul and Ross cut and coiffed live on stage whilst breaking down every element of their creations for the crowd, plus revealed their predictions for the next big trends we’ll see sweep the salon in 2012, culminating in an exciting catwalk show.

Then, after returning to the UK for just one day, the pair then jetted off again, this time to Slovenia for the second leg of the tour. Creating edgy but editorial looks on 12 models for their ‘The Wolf’ show, Paul and Ross presented to 1000 eager Italian hairdressers, who loved the finished looks!


Slovenia: L-R Ross Taylor, Paul Falltrick


During the show, which ran for one and a half hours, the talented hairdressers completed cuts, whilst explaining how they were creating the looks and revealing the latest trends, plus their top business tips. Then, for the last 15 minutes of the show, Paul and Ross had a hair-off, battling against one another to see who could restyle all the prepped models to recreate each of their looks from the day in the fastest time – with Paul being crowned the overall winner. The reception was so fantastic the audience were dashing to the front of the stage to snap the completed styles!

The next day 50 VIP students attended an exclusive cutting seminar, which allowed the members to get up close and personal with Paul and Ross as they taught them every element involved with recreating the latest hair trends from cut to finished look.

So, after creating an education whirlwind in Europe, travelling 4620 miles to 2 countries, styling 24 models and presenting to 2500 hairdressers all in 3 days, there’s no doubt that Paul's and Ross’s skills are as much in demand in Slovenia and Turkey as they are in this country!

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