PJ’s Barber Shop: Barbers Against Blades

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PJ’s Barber Shop has joined a charitable campaign to help take knives off our streets.

With knife crime at the forefront of the news, and the number of people being stabbed rising dramatically, statistics state that children as young as four years old are being found in possession of a knife/blade at school. It is a criminal offence to carry a knife even if it is for self defence. Getting caught with one means a prison sentence, a criminal record and worse, it could mean the weapon being taken off you on the streets and used against you!

‘Barbers Against Blades’ aims to raise awareness in the local community and offers a safe confidential no questions asked place to hand in a blade or weapon. Lizzy Tucker, PJ’s salon owner, and her team are asking everyone to spread the word to help save lives. Lizzy said:

Knife crime is getting out of hand and I am passionate about supporting this amazing campaign. Barbers up and down the country are flocking to support ‘Barbers Against Blades’. Being a charity we donate the price of a haircut a month so that they can keep the campaign going. Just put the blade in a plastic bag, pop it under or on the seat, or hand it to my team. No questions, no conversation, nothing. Just a knife off the streets and a life saved! If I only get one knife handed in it will have been a success.

When a blade/weapon is handed in, Lizzy will take it to a police station.

As well as the charity initiative, Lizzy has also been awarded the status of Master Barber - the highest accolade that a barber can achieve! Barbering is Lizzy’s passion and she has been cutting for 37 years. She said:

I love my job, cutting is in my blood and I can’t see myself ever giving it up. PJ’s Barber Shop has been open on Station Road for 17 years and has grown and grown. The support of the local community and people has been great and I feel very humble to be awarded this award. Watching clients come in for their first haircut and then bringing in their own children for a haircut are priceless.

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