Richard Ashforth, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador for OSiS+

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Richard Ashforth has been appointed the Global Ambassador for the professional styling brand OSiS+ by Schwarzkopf Professional and is highly involved in the development of looks, consultation and techniques.

His career started at Vidal Sassoon after which he became Co-Founder and International Creative Director of salon and academy chain SACO. At the same time, he launched the pop-up hairdressing event NOISE, has worked at international fashion weeks and magazine photo shoots with photographers such as Peter Lindbergh. Richard is incredibly creative, forever passionate about his work and full of inspiration.

Styling and creativity go together. How do the OSiS+ products encourage that?

The quality of the OSiS+ products is simply fantastic. In salons, at shows and events, I need to be able to rely 100% on my style essentials. What’s more, the brand is young, edgy and professional. It stands for creativity – something that’s very important to me as a stylist. The products are designed to be used to create upgraded professional looks in the salon as well as trendy looks at home, and the range is truly universal. No matter what you want to do, and no matter what hair type you’re dealing with, OSiS+ has the right products for you.

In a previous interview you once said you like shapes. Which products are best for creating them?

I love Dust It. The volume powder gives you great shape and texture, fantastic volume and a wonderful matte finish. Big Blast also works really well. It gives the hair fullness and body, but in a very natural way.

Is there an OSiS+ product that everyone should try?

Mighty Matte instantly transforms your look. It’s great! It works best with short to medium-length hair. If you work Mighty Matte into the hair, it immediately looks well-styled. It’s just brilliant! Tame Wild is fantastic for long hair. I use it before blow-drying or as a finisher. When used as a finishing product, it delivers shine and defines individual strands.

What would you recommend to customers who prefer a natural look to an excessively styled look?

Even when creating a beautiful natural look, you still need a styling product. It’s the best way to add shine and definition to your hair. Today, styling is no longer about products that you can really see on the hair. The OSiS+ range is very broad-based; some product benefits can be seen in the hair, while others are virtually undetectable and strengthen and emphasise the hair structure. Whipped Wax is one of the products that works in the background. It’s soft and looks really natural. When styling, it’s not always about making a statement; styling should simply help you to create the look you want.

Men and women: which products work best for whom?

Big Blast is great for women, because it provides natural volume, and Bouncy Curls beautifies curls in an incredible way. For men, Mighty Matte is a real winner. Damped creates a wet look, is sure to be the next big hit for men, especially for those with longer hair. Of course, it also works for women who want to go for an underwater-inspired look. The wet look is making a comeback - it changes texture and separates the hair.

Do you use all of the products according to the instructions?

I use lots of products that should be used before blow-drying as finishing products, because they’re often very light. This works really well with Undercoat. I take a small amount and distribute it in the hair after styling. Big Blast is also great for short and medium-length hair. Everyone should just play around with the products and try things out. OSiS+ is a styling range for creative people. Make the most of it!

Are there products you particularly like to use together?

A good stylist will make recommendations to their customers for the best combination of products and look and will make tailored decisions about what products are best. In general, though, Undercoat and Whipped Wax work really well together for me. It’s my favourite combination. When combining products, anything goes: just try it!

If you consider all 28 products together, what would you say is the defining feature of the new OSiS+ range?

The OSiS+ range encourages us to be creative and have fun. Users should experiment with the products and their look. Before they do that, hairstylists can show them how to get the best out of their style. With OSiS+, the customer doesn’t just leave the salon looking great – they can also create their own unique look at home. OSiS+ supports a versatile cut with so many styling options; the inspiration will never run dry. You can create a different look every day.

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