Ross Poole Salon Joins Forces With L'Anza

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Staff at Ross Poole Salon will use L'Anza products to address individual hair needs with therapeutic results to deliver the strongest, healthiest hair possible.

With the increase of chemical processing, thermal styling and environmental aggressors, over 80% of today's salon clients have damaged hair that needs to be strengthened and fortified to defend itself from the harsh environment and aggressors that it is exposed to on a daily basis.

L'Anza is the only hair care company producing products that heal the hair.

The team at Ross Poole salon in Brentford are delighted to carry the L'Anza brand on their Five Star salon, as awarded recently by the Good Salon Guide.

Ross Searle-Poole, who leads his team of outstanding hair technicians, is very optimistic about the future with L'Anza. He understands that all L'Anza therapeutic formulations address the cause of damaged hair and not just the symptoms; so that hair can withstand the stresses of daily living. He is very enthusiastic about his team being able to deliver real results to clients, with products that actually heal and strengthen the hair for lasting health, beauty and youthful radiance.

L'Anza uses the latest scientific technology such as Keratin Healing System, Triple UV Protection, Nano-Science Delivery, Sulphate-free shampoos, and the Flower Shield Complex to heal, seal and protect all types of hair, delivering maximum health, shine and colour that lasts!

L'Anza formulations contain the most advanced ingredients to heal damage and renew the hair, making it healthy and youthful again.

Ranked among the market leaders and always innovative, L'Anza Healing Haircare is a salon exclusive, luxurious haircare range that heals, seals and protects the hair for strong, beautiful and healthy hair.

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