Scale New Heights With UNITE's Texturiza Spray

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UNITE's new Texturiza is a dry translucent finishing spray that works overtime to inject incredible body into your hair without weighing it down. This miracle product gives you the full-bodied, screen-siren hair you've always dreamed of. So whether you're perfecting a chic up-do for the day or channelling Brigitte Bardot for the night, Texturiza Spray from UNITE is your new best friend. Like any good friend, Texturiza Spray is in it for the long run. Impressive staying power means you won't have to worry about your hair flagging before you do.

This volume enhancing and texturizing spray brings you multiple hairstyling benefits in one hero product. Enriched with a unique mineral formula, Texturiza Spray adds incredible shine, reviving dull looking hair and making it the perfect finishing step to your haircare routine.

UNITE know that appearance isn't everything - and Texturiza Spray has been expertly developed to give you beautiful hair from the inside out. Sunflower Seed Extract provides a natural UV protectant for your hair, protecting it against becoming dry and brittle with exposure to the sun. An abundance of vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids work to smooth the hair shaft, preventing frizz and adding gloss. This wonder formula even protects hair colour against harmful environmental pollution and prevents colour from fading, all whilst adding luxurious volume and texture. What more could you ask for!

Using Texturiza Spray couldn't be easier. First, shake the product well, then hold the can 8 - 10 inches away and spray onto dry hair, concentrating on areas where you want to inject volume and texture. Remember, the more you use the more you build!

UNITE Texturiza Spray costs £23.00, for more information see the UNITE website.

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