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Schwarzkopf Professional continues the Strong Bonds story with the launch of Strong Bonds 2.0: Colour Transformation.

Empowering hairdressers to meet the demand for a variety of colour transformations, Schwarzkopf Professional has now integrated its cutting-edge Fibre Bond Technology into new IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights and NEW IGORA Vario Blond.

In 2015, FIBREPLEX – the revolutionary bonding system from Schwarzkopf Professional - set colourists free from all limitations linked to hair condition. Thanks to the Bond Enforcing Service, hairdressers were enabled to protect the hair from damage caused by lightening, lifting and colouring. In 2016, the launch of Strong Bonds paved the way for bonding services, integrating the Fibre Bond Technology into IGORA ROYAL Highlifts and introducing the ground-breaking Bond Connector Technology in care products.

Now, in 2017, Schwarzkopf Professional is proud to continue the Strong Bonds success story with a new category of premium bonding colour services. Understanding that today’s salon customers are increasingly informed about hair colour trends, Schwarzkopf Professional enables hairdressers to create head-turning colour transformations with a superior level of performance. Thanks to the integration of Bonding Technologies in all IGORA lightening and lifting colour products, hairdressers can now deliver the looks their clients see on social media easier than ever before, without compromising on hair quality.

New Colour Transformation In-Salon Services
IGORA Vario Blond

The first ultimate blonde and bond lightening service from IGORA has been upgraded with integrated Fibre Bond Technology offering up to eight levels of lift, with minimised breakage*, for endless blonde transformations:

  • Salon clients can now go from classic highlights or balayage to daring blonde transformations, without compromising on hair quality
  • Hairdressers can rely on the ultimate lightening and neutralising product performance with guaranteed superior hair quality
  • The anti-yellow effect ensures clear results thanks to mattifying agents and anti-red pigments that efficiently neutralise upcoming warmth
IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights

The first trend and bond fashion colour service from IGORA that provides lifting and toning in one step now includes Fibre Bond Technology, offering on-trend fashion colours without compromising on hair quality**:

  • Salon clients can go from sophisticated office looks with hidden colour placements to bold fashion statements without compromising on hair quality
  • Hairdressers can achieve safe and convenient fashion colours with easy lifting and toning in one step
  • IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights now includes three new shades: L-22 Dark Blue, L-33 Dark Green and L-49 Muted Rose
  • IGORA ROYAL Fashion Lights contain an Intense Pigment Combination of ultra-vibrant dye boosters and a special blend of high-performing pigments. These pigments deliver greater tone luminosity, vibrancy and long-lasting results with maximum radiance
Understanding the Innovative Fibre Bond Technology

Lightening or colouring the hair without Fibre Bond Technology or the excessive use of heated styling tools can weaken the bonds within the hair structure, leading to damaged hair fibres and hair breakage.

To protect the hair from damage during lightening, lifting or colouring, the active ingredients in the Fibre Bond Technology penetrate deep into the hair and create a layer around the hair bonds. Due to this ‘bodyguard function’, most bonds survive the chemical process, keeping the hair strong and full of elasticity.

Furthermore, damaged hair bonds can be recreated thanks to Schwarzkopf Professional’s Bonding Technology used in the complementary care products.

Join the Strong Bonds community

Hairdressers worldwide are sharing their Strong Bonds success stories, stating that Schwarzkopf Professional’s Bonding Technology is a “real game changer”.

Join the conversation and follow Schwarzkopf Professional on social media via @schwarzkopfpro and keep up with the Strong Bonds Movement via #strongbonds / #colourtransformation.

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