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Salons from around the UK came together for three days of education and inspiration at the highly anticipated bi-annual Sens.ùs Masterclass.

On Sunday 26th March, 48 UK stylists travelled to the home of Sens.ùs on the banks of the River Tiber in Tuscany to be inspired by the creativity and passion behind the brand.

Whilst taking in the Tuscan countryside the stylists were put through their paces with Advanced Theory where they had the opportunity to learn how the products combine technology and performance with ethically-sourced materials. This was followed by the chance to put their new-found theory into practice on models as they unleashed their inner creative artists.

A key part of the Sens.ùs Masterclass is the opportunity to tour the factory where the botanical hair colour is created. So as to ensure the products remain as pure as possible, the stylists were required to get suited up to adhere to the sterile conditions. The big highlight of the tour is the ‘Colour Spa’ resting room where classical music is played while the colour stays for a period of time to relax at a controlled temperature before being put into tubes and shipped.

It was not all work for the stylists, as the evenings were filled with Tuscan culture and of course fabulous food. Each night the stylists were treated to a themed Italian dinner which included an Italian family style pizza party and gala dinner.

Combining technical theory and skill the Masterclass left the stylists inspired and excited to take their new-found knowledge back to their salons across the UK.

The Sens.ùs Masterclass is organised by distribution company Passion4Hair as part of their education platform and is held in Tuscany every March and September exclusively for Sens.ùs salons. Passion4Hair owner Debbie Digby says,

This unique opportunity is important because once a hairstylist has seen hair colour manufactured, it changes the way they approach hair colour forever, that is why we incorporate it in our Masterclass.

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