Setting Standards with Pastels’ Ruksher Malik

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Nikki Weston-Grant of Good Salon Guide UAE sat down with Pastels Salon Co-Founder, Ruksher Malik to talk about salon standards and why they are the key to success!

Why are standards important for your salon business? 

If you look at any well-run thriving household, you will see that there are standards in place and a consistent way of doing things, with each person in that family unit understanding their roles and responsibilities clearly and carrying them out to the best of their ability.

This is very similar in a salon environment. To ensure that the salon thrives, and its clients and staff are as happy as possible, there needs to be standards in place. This includes protocols for services, hygiene practices and a set way of doing tasks, which not only extends to cleaning and tidying but also encompasses the way clients are greeted and treated during their salon visit. This will guarantee that the salon is a harmonious place for both staff and clients alike. If there are no set rules and routines in place and each person is following their own personal agenda rather than one clearly outlined by management, then this will lead to drama and ultimately a salon where staff are confused and unhappy, which will lead to clients not experiencing the best possible client journey.

If every client has the same experience at every visit, you will continue to delight them, but if their experience varies due to a lack of consistency, they will become unhappy, which will lead to a loss of business revenue and a failing salon.

What do you consider to be the most important standards to maintain?

The client journey is vital. This includes every interaction that the client has with the salon, namely when they book their appointment, the way they are greeted when they arrive at salon, the refreshment offering, the staff etiquette, salon hygiene, consultation and service presentation, up-selling/cross-selling methods, educating clients about homecare and retail products, rebooking, and finally thanking them for their visit. If this is completed to the highest possible standard each time, then the client will experience a beautiful and exceptional client journey, which will prompt them to return and become a loyal client.

Another important aspect is education. It is crucial that in a fast-paced industry that is constantly evolving new techniques and trends, that staff remain up to date on these latest developments and widen their skillset through constant education and training. This will ensure that salon staff can meet, if not exceed, the demands of the client.

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