SoColor and SoColor Sync Neutrals

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Matrix has introduced eight new neutral shades across its SoColor Permanent and SoColor Sync tone-on-tone ranges, creating its most inclusive shade palette yet!

The formulas are pre-blended with background and reflect so you can neutralise every underlying pigment, from the warmest reds to the palest yellows. The perfect pairing of the permanent and tone-on-tone shades allows stylists to achieve seamless colour from root to tip with the new Neutrals palette.

There are four new permanent shades: SoColor 4NJ, SoColor 6NA, SoColor 6NV, SoColor 8NA, and four new tone-on-tone shades: SoColorSync 5NJ, SoColorSync 7NA, SoColorSync 7NV, and SoColorSync 9NA. They all come in economical 90ml tubes which covers up to two applications.

The SoColor and SoColor Sync neutral shades have three key features that make them stand out from the rest on the market:


The brand-new Exclusive Bond-Protecting Concentrate helps protect the hair’s inner structure, colour after colour. No need to add another bonder - this in-built protector takes away the extra hassle of measuring and mixing, helping you save both time and money.


Create fabulous colour for every client that comes through your door. All the formulas are pre-blended with both background and reflect. This means warmth is controlled on every colour, every base, and every underlying pigment. Designed to make a colourist’s life easier, you can colour with confidence for precise and predictable results every time.


The SoColor permanent and SoColor Sync tone-on-tone oxidative dyes are perfectly matched, so colourists can achieve seamless colour that lasts and fades evenly. SoColor is the perfect choice for root work, with SoColor Sync refreshing and toning the mid-lengths and ends.

STYLIST TOP TIP: When using Pre-Pairing your SoColor and SoColor Sync shades, always go one level up with your tone-on-tone dyes. For example, if you use SoColor 4NJ, use a SoColor Sync 5NJ to refresh the colour through the mid-lengths and ends.

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