The Damage and Dangers of Hair Loss Systems

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If you are suffering with hair loss and are looking at systems to help combat your condition, then please do check out this great article below by Rebecca Morgan of Morgan's Hair, Beauty & Wig Specialist.

Rebecca is a specialist in hair loss and hair loss systems, and after coming across many horror situations throughout lockdown, Rebecca wanted to highlight the damage and dangers that these systems can cause…

There are many hair loss solutions on the market, and I have worked with many - one of which I have had a love hate relationship with for a few years. I have spent thousands of pounds on training on the mesh hair integration system but honestly, I have never really felt happy in fitting them, so I have now decided I would never fit this type of system again.

In lockdown I had many ladies who had this system fitted by other salons contact me despairing because their mesh hair system needed tightened, it was loose, and they could not see the salon they usually went too. As we are an approved NHS wig supplier, we were allowed to see people with a medical hair loss condition during April/May 2020. Every person that came to me was desperate to have a solution for their hair loss.

It was alarming how many women that had to have their systems removed because of infection to their scalp or extended hair loss because of the system they had fitted.

With this system a mesh is fitted to the scalp and the client’s hair is pulled through mesh and secured with micro bonds. Then a master parting and wefts of hair are sewn to the mesh to create the look of a full head of hair. This is life changing for clients and amazing, HOWEVER many of the companies fitting these systems are not qualified hairdressers or hair loss specialists!

Clients have the system maintained every 6 to 8 weeks where the bonds are loosened, pushed back up the hair shaft and tightened. Any hair that has fallen out is not removed between the bonds at this stage. As time goes on the scalp is not cleaned properly or cleansed. The natural hair fall is matting to the original hair and dead skin cells, causing a build-up of shampoo and conditioner under the mesh and master parting, which is usually only removed every six months or more. I have seen clients where their full systems had not been removed for years! Can you imagine the state of their scalp and the matting of their hair and the hair loss it creates?

Here are some examples:

It is important that as a client you are aware of the damage and dangers that the lack of maintenance on these systems can cause, and that it is so important to always go to a professional specialist on hair loss and hair loss systems.

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