The F.A.M.E. Team Spend an Inspirational Day with Zoe Irwin

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On Monday 7th March the F.A.M.E. Team were with trend forecaster and inspirational industry expert Zoe Irwin.

Zoe shared with Jamie, Melissa, Rosie and Zoe her forecasts into styles and trends that will be seen in the next couple of years. It was an incredibly honest insight into her fantastic career journey, as well as a lot of practical tips on body positioning and posture. It was an opportunity to hear some great recommendations on exciting literature that would encourage further knowledge into the history of the industry.

In the afternoon Zoe showcased just what makes her a great stylist, as she demonstrated some quick editorial looks that highlighted the importance of prep to create the stunning finishes. There was even the chance to learn how three pins can secure one hair-up - something that everyone was completely astonished by.

Jamie Benny of Rush said,

Today was amazing and we all learnt so much from Zoe. She is so interesting and really highlighted how many dimensions there are to being a stylist. I cannot wait to order some of the books that she suggested and we certainly felt very inspired.

Antony Licata, F.A.M.E. Team Project Leader, said,

Zoe shared so many experiences throughout the day. It was a true Fellowship experience as education was being passed on to the next generation of UK talent.

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