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Ever had a friend with gorgeous glowing skin and wonder how she does it? You know. The one who always looks Instagram ready and super healthy like she drinks six gallons of water a day and only eats kale. Yes, her. Well, wonder no more. We know her secret...

NEW! The Hero Project Glow Drops, £21.00

Hero Project Glow Drops is a blend of ten gorgeously scented natural essential oils and vitamin C. Ultra-silky, this dry touch facial oil helps to nourish and brighten complexions, revealing the much-loved 'post-facial' glowing skin.

Glow Drops is an indulgent and beautifully scented dry touch facial oil made with over 98% naturally derived ingredients. It's a blend of essential oils plus a shot of lipid vitamin C that instantly help smooth, nourish and brighten your skin. This dry touch facial oil can be used morning or night for a radiant and dewy complexion. 

This precious oil is in a smart bottle with an easy to use push button dropper so you can get the right amount every time. And it also has a clever dimple in the base so you can get every last bit out. As we like to say: Gorgeous to the last drop.

Perfect for all skin types and all ages.

NEW! The Hero Project Hyasoft Moisture Boost, £19.00

NEW Hyasoft is the ultimate soothing, cooling and thirst-quenching product that will rescue skin from the dehydration and dryness that basking in the sun can cause. Whether it is sea, sun, sand or for city breakers air conditioning on planes; Hyasoft adds that extra dosage of hydration that skin craves.

Formulated with different molecular weights of Hyaluronic Acid, this lightweight gel can be used with any additional skincare to rehydrate instantly.

Added Vitamin B5 soothes and calms skin leaving it feeling supple and soft.

Simply apply to dry complexions for instant hydration and super fresh skin

The tidy 30ml tube easily slips into carry-on bags, so there is no worry for embarrassingly bulging sandwich bags at the check-in.

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