The Need for Speed

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If you’re a session stylist or busy salon owner looking for extensions which give a seamless finish at high speed, then the new American Dream Iconic Tape-In Extensions are sure to be the answer to your hairpiece prayers.

The latest item from the Iconic Extensions range, Tape-In Extensions are made from 100% remi human hair, offering instant length, plus the same glamorous, glossy results as the Iconic wefts.

They come ready-to-wear thanks to a fortified, semi-permanent adhesive, which is designed to last up to eight weeks. What’s more, the pieces lie so flat to the scalp that they’re practically invisible, thus barely distinguishable from natural hair, making them ideal for speedy, seamless makeovers.

Sourced from superior 100% Chinese remi hair, which boasts a natural higher density than any other origin, these extensions offer incredible strength, beautiful thickness and a consistently straight form, holding their shape and lustre even after washing. What’s more, the fully intact cuticles, unique to remi hair, are perfectly aligned to make them easy to care for, minimising tangles and ensuring they’ll stay in great condition for up to eight months.

Now sold in packs of 20 strips, in pieces 4cm wide by 18” long, with replacement tape strips also available, these instant extensions come in 17 shades to suit a wide variety of needs, providing the perfect opportunity to make creative colour combinations with high or lowlights and sharp, edgy finishes.

So when you need to nail sleek, straight locks with minimal fuss and maximum impact, try American Dream’s new Iconic Tape-In Extensions. Thanks to the semi-permanent, adhesive strip, it’s now easier than ever to achieve seamless, stunning results at high speed.

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