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Want to be the perfect assistant not only in the salon, but on TV shows, photoshoots, and fashion events? Then HAIRDOTCOM’s Perfect Session Assistant is the course for you!

Led by HAIRDOTCOM members Miranda Elmer and Rebecca Wilcox, this seminar will equip you with both the confidence and skills you need to become the perfect assistant. Learn how to create the key foundation styles required when assisting: the perfect ponytail, braiding, waves and textured styles.

Assisting is the best way to break into the session industry, and by learning the best practices to get booked and rebooked, you will be well on your way to the career of your dreams.

This course is perfect for Level 2 & 3 Apprentices, graduates, and young stylists to extend their skill set as well as experienced hairdressers who would like to learn what is required to move into the session arena.

Miranda Elmer and Rebecca Wilcox’s top ten tips on being the perfect session assistant:
  1. Always bring your full kit, do not just bring kit you think they are asking from the brief. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared.
  2. Early night the night before, turn up on time, be alert and fresh for what is to come, and wear comfortable shoes as you will be on your feet all day.
  3. Your styling and dressing skills must be on point so practice, practice and practice.
  4. Make sure you know what kit is needed for each look i.e., curls - what electricals you need, ponytails - what types of elastic or bands are needed.
  5. Read and understand the brief, do some research if you are not sure on certain styles and know who is having what if that is already in the brief. When on set, ask questions if you do not know something and know who is in your team - hair, makeup artists and clothes stylists.
  6. Take it on the chin if something you have done is not quite right, listen, watch, and re-do. No one is perfect but the hair will need to be a certain way so may need tweaking or changing. Do not take it to heart and just get on with the changes.
  7. Always be polite and professional. You will learn so many tips and tricks on the day and you want to impress so you get asked back.
  8. Understanding the artists you assist is really important - what’s expected, what’s needed, being one step ahead at all times when passing up.
  9. Be aware of the environment you are working in. Where to stand and where not to stand, when to take breaks. Never just disappear make sure people know where you are. Be present.
  10. Understand the social media and company etiquette you are working for as there will be very strict rules on all types of work, shoots, shows and TV work.

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