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Grow by Hair Gain is a ground-breaking new supplement, harnessing the power of the pea shoot to give incredible hair growth results of up to 78% in just one month of use.

This game changing product was designed specifically for the 8 million women who suffer from hair loss at some point of their lives in the UK. One of the biggest contributors to this is post-partum alopecia, which over 300,000 women get each year alone. Grow by Hair Gain works to give visibly thicker and stronger hair from the inside out. With just two capsules taken daily, the supplement can help rebalance disruptions within the hair growth cycle. The capsules contain the exclusive AnaGain ingredient, derived from the organic pea shoot, along with zinc and Biotin.

How does it work?

The common pea shoot is not something automatically associated with beauty, but due to the powerful nutrients contained in each, which protect the young plants from UV rays, disease, damage and herbivores, they are going to have a mighty impact in the world of hair. And it’s the AnaGain ingredient from the pea shoot that Hair Gain has exclusively harnessed within this product. AnaGain works by stimulating specific particles within the dermal papilla cells to kick-start hair growth. Specifically these molecules are Noggin, a protein that shortens the telogen hair loss phase, and Fibroblast growth factor-7 (FGF7), which promotes best possible conditions for the anagen hair growth phase. Each pill also contains biotin and zinc, making it a fantastic all-round supplement for anyone suffering with hair loss.

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss can be caused by a number of reasons including a poor diet (one lacking in iron, vitamins and biotin), stress and anxiety (which causes the body to cut off nutrients to the hair and just focus on feeding the body), and hormones (menopause and pregnancy). One of the most significant reasons is pregnancy. In the UK alone over 300,000 women each year suffer from post-partum alopecia (hair loss in the first five months after giving birth).

Lucy Palmer, Founder of Hair Gain, suffered horrifically:

Not long after having my first baby I noticed I was losing a lot of hair and had noticeably thinner patches. It really knocked my confidence at a critical time when I should be just enjoying the new phase in my life. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years I couldn’t believe the difference using AnaGain made to overcoming this issue. I realised there was a real need for this product in the market and I’ve not been alone in seeing these amazing benefits. Since the launch we’ve seen the most incredible stories and changes to people’s hair growth. We really excited by it’s potential.

What do the experts say?

During the official launch of Hair Gain at London’s VIVI restaurant, two guest speakers gave their opinion on Hair Gain:

Moyra Cosgrove, an expert in nutrition for health, fitness and sport, said:

What’s so impressive about Hair Gain is the level and combination of vitamins involved in the product. All the essentials are there, and in the right quantities, to give hair the best opportunity to be supported and thrive. However when embarking on any new supplement regime, it’s important that you look at any other supplements or vitamins you are taking to ensure you’re not taking too much of anything that could end up being detrimental to your health.

Cheryle Mackie, a natural hair loss specialist from The Hale Clinic on Harley Street, commented:

Losing your hair as a woman can be a really emotional experience. When clients come to me they can be in a very low mental state. I have a box of tissues on my desk for that reason and they often get used. It really dents confidence and in all my years of supporting clients with many different techniques, Hair Gain has given the fastest results. The way it has supported my work by strengthening the hair and calming the scalp has been really exciting to see.


Q. Will Hair Gain also encourage hair growth elsewhere on my body?
A. No, as those hairs (for example the ones on your legs) have different follicles.

Q. Will Hair Gain also encourage growth of my eyelashes and eyebrows?
A. Yes, whilst we don’t have any case studies at this moment in time. The essential ingredients within Hair Gain will also work on those specific follicles

Q. How long does it take Hair Gain to work?
A. Clients will often see an improvement within four weeks but we recommend they take it for a minimum of 12 weeks to start seeing the full benefits

Bringing the product to salons

As well as directly through the Hair Gain website, Grow by Hair Gain will also be available for distribution through salons.

Hair loss is currently one of the most frequently discussed issues with clients when they are in an appointment, but with few proven products out there, customers will often purchase their supplements elsewhere - a missed opportunity.

However the product can also be recommended on occasions where hair loss isn’t an issue, it can also be offered and discussed as part of a wider care plan for someone’s hair. For example a client that is after a look that will require more time at home styling, bleach or even hair extensions, GAIN can be recommended to help keep the hair strong and nourished in the meantime. Furthermore, Grow by Hair Gain’s feminine packaging will make it a pretty addition to salon shelves and allow clients to see the product as a pampering product.

Grow by Hair Gain is available at

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