The Rise of Anti-Ageing Make-up

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With the world becoming ‘smarter’ in its technology, we all knew it wouldn’t be long until make-up and everyday beauty essentials caught up with the movement.

Smarter means giving us more benefit, helping us out more, achieving multiple tasks at once and with ease. So it was a no brainer that anti-ageing technology would soon be applied to make-up, where not only does it make your complexion look clear and radiant, but it actually helps to turn back time when it comes to ageing and skin complaints.

Introducing THALGO Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation

The perfect blend of colour and THALGO’s anti-ageing expertise, Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation offers ideal skin tone correction to enhance and reveal the beauty of youthful-looking skin.

Silicium, an essential trace element for the density and three-dimensional architecture of the dermis, becomes naturally scarcer with age, resulting in the skin losing its texture and firmness. Drawing on their expertise in marine intelligence, THALGO, leaders in marine beauty, have harnessed the power of active Marine Silicium and concentrated it in the heart of the formula of their treatment foundation to visibly correct age-related skin irregularities.

Silicium Anti-Ageing Foundation provides natural, lasting coverage and impeccable staying power without the need for touch-ups. Its secret: an incredible, super-fine texture that leaves a powdery finish and velvety feel.

Using dual optical and chromatic correction to reduce colour irregularities and radiance-enhancing spherical powders to create light in shadowy areas of the face, this multi-tasking foundation enhances radiance whilst skin appears plumper, flawless and with a youthful glow.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Warm in your hands, then apply to your forehead, cheeks and neck.

Step 2: Blend from the inside of the face outwards in upward lifting movements to open up face and eyes.

Step 3: To hide dark circles or localised flaws apply an extra touch of foundation with light dabbing motions until complexion is even.

Available in 3 colour shades. Price £32.00 RRP, 30ml

Introducing Perricone MD No Make-up Skincare

Dr. Nicholas Perricone is above all a pioneer in the science of healthy ageing and beautiful skin. His unwavering dedication and tireless quest to uncover the most advanced technologies to achieve beauty, forms the foundation to a revolutionary new approach to colour.

Designed to reveal the glow of health and the flush of youth, Dr. Nicholas Perricone brings science to the art of beauty in No Makeup Skincare, addressing a common yet concealed ageing concern: Loss of youthful colour which naturally occurs as we age due to a change in the balance of pigment activity.

Designed with Dr. Nicholas Perricone’s leading anti-ageing skincare technology, No Makeup Skincare restores the colour of youth and imparts the look of healthy, radiant skin. The breakthrough formulations found in No Makeup Skincare not only deliver the instant benefits of youthful colour, but over time also help to sculpt the appearance of youthful facial architecture. The result is a sculptured portrait of extraordinary beauty.

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