ÆTHER Brings the Future of Unisex Fragrance

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A tribute by its creators, ÆTHER is a hypnotic collection of fragrances mixed in an artistic celebration of chemistry – perfect for adventurous souls in search of something different.

With ÆTHER, molecular fragrance creation takes a new and radical approach, breaking all the known rules of traditional perfumery. Based on aroma-molecules, this new and hypnotic collection showcases contemporary perfumery - pure chemistry in motion.

ÆTHER fragrances are evocative of abstract emotions, unknown woods, imperceptible sounds and moments to come. These scents of futuristic fantasy do not follow in the wake of others, but prefer to lead the way in fragrances with an aura of magic and mystery.

Well known Parisian perfumers Amélie Bourgeois and Anne-Sophie Behaghel created these new fragrances, under the artistic direction of originator Nicolas Chabot. The collection comprises of Rose Alcane, Carboneum, Muskethanol, Citrus Ester and Ether Oxyde. They are pure poetic chemistry fresh in from the future.

The ÆTHER packaging raises perfumery into the realms of art, with its distinctive glass bottles, inspired by pharmacy bottle shapes of yesteryear and reinvented with a modern twist in heavyweight glass. The bottle sits proudly in a futuristic black foam casing, designed by aeronautic engineers and laser cut to showcase the bottle, creating a moment of inspiration when revealed.

ÆTHER perfumes are available in 50ml £100 and 100ml £150 from various high end retailers. Discovery sets are also available.

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