Touch them, Squeeze them, Check them!

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To mark 16 years of supporting breast cancer charities globally, ghd’s 2020 Pink charity collection is reminding women to Take Control Now – to give your boobs some mirror time, checking them often and regularly. Each year 120,000 women under the age of 35 are diagnosed with breast cancer – but 90% of 18-35 year old women check their boobs only a few times a year or less.

Central to ghd’s 2020 pink campaign is the message of normalising looking at your boobs every month - and what better way to spread the word than with a statement window in Soho full of them? Representing different shapes, sizes and ethnicities, the ‘Take Control Now’ Boob Wall at ghd’s Dean Street Headquarters has been created to raise awareness and to start the conversation around checking your breasts regularly.

The inspiration came out of a desire to bring the message of encouraging self-checks through “touch them, squeeze them, check them” to life in a visually impactful way. The scale of the window takeover draws attention to the extent that Breast Cancer can affect anyone, whilst creating an unexpected display for an otherwise very personal and sensitive topic.  The wall was designed by Chris Drew, ghd’s Head of VM and it was produced by Jade Creighton from Jade The window installation reminds passers-by to touch, squeeze and check their boobs; and to make it totally normal for everyone to talk about self checking, regularly.

Global Chief Marketing Officer at ghd, Montse Passolas, says:

The commitment with Breast Cancer charities around the world is part of our brand mission and the objective of this year’s ghd Pink collection is to empower and remind women to take control now of their health, while raising valuable money for charity by donating £10 to Breast Cancer Now from every Pink product sold. So far, over the years we have raised over $19 million globally. Our studio is in the heart of London, and we want our windows to make a statement – whether that’s giving the world a glimpse at stylists latest technique-led education or showcasing our latest new product launch. Like every year, our windows have a dedicated period to display the most important message we could share, our new campaign “give some mirror time to your boobs”. We hope that by sharing this message in our Soho window we will remind everyone passing by to Take Control Now and check their boobs regularly.

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