Urban Retreat Introduce Glossy Make-up by Natasha Zaki

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Launching exclusively into Urban Retreat, Glossy Make-up takes removable eyelashes to the next level.

Founded by Natasha Zaki, an international make-up artist and beauty blogger, Glossy Make-up’s glamorous 100% natural hair false lashes has been designed to create mesmer-eyes-ing eyes for any occasion.

Natasha’s mission is to provide the very best false lashes that are both easy to apply and comfortable to wear. The collection is made with natural silk and mink hairs, so these light-weight lashes won’t irritate the delicate eye area. With a range of styles from natural to dramatic, the reusable eyelashes adhere to the eye with comfortable bands – so you won’t feel them once they’re on.

Each lash represents an area of London. They are easy to apply, feature an invisible cotton band and can be reused up to 12 times (care dependent). With five classic styles, two dramatic styles and a selection of make-up accessories - including a lash applicator designed to simplify the process of application - these beautiful lashes are a must-have for any make-up aficionado.

The classic lashes – made with natural hair (£20)

Perfect for everyday enhancement, these mixed-length lashes lend light volume with a feathery-effect to elevate your beauty look from ‘meh’ to mesmer-eyes-ing in a minute.

The dramatic lashes – made with mink hair (£24)

Bold, glamorous lashes for volume, length and drama!


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