Working Week Changes in UAE 2022

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The new working week adopted from January 1st is Monday to Friday, which applies to all government departments, schools, and some of the private sector companies.

Public sector workers will also change to a four-and-a-half-day week. Friday prayers will start at 1.15pm to accommodate the new timings. The emirate of Sharjah has adopted a four-day working week and a three-day weekend.

And so, the New Weekend is Saturday and Sunday – a new adjustment for all of us to make and potentially a longer weekend for those with reduced hours on a Friday!

Change is always a little bewildering for us humans and of course the students will be attending lessons on a Friday which is a whole new experience for many!

The change will bring the UAE into line with many other global countries for ease of doing business regarding banking and communications as Friday becomes a working day.

The longer weekend will increase demand in the hospitality, tourism, and retail sectors as well as achieving an improved work-life balance with more time for family and loved ones.

So, salon owners take note – you may well be busy on different days now, so be prepared to change the staff schedule to fit in with the client demand and look out for all those new marketing opportunities!

Happy Weekends!!

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