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3 Key Short Hairstyles for 2024

According to Matrix Artist Ambassador Simon Townley, 2024 is time for the hairdressing industry to embrace the power of fashion and create hair masterpieces that turn heads.

“Fashion and hair have always been intertwined, and the resurgence of short haircuts gives us an opportunity to showcase our expertise and creativity,” he says. “By upscaling our skills, we can create hairstyles that perfectly complement the latest fashion trends and elevate any outfit. The return of the short haircut is our chance to showcase our incredible talent.”

Here’s Simon’s top three short cuts for 2024…

The Pixie

With its daring and versatile nature, the Pixie is the perfect canvas to experiment with edgy and fashion-forward looks. From adding pops of colour to incorporating unconventional textures, the possibilities are endless.

The Classic Bob

A timeless symbol of elegance and sophistication, the Bob is a fashion staple that never goes out of style. By mastering the art of the Bob and playing with different lengths and angles, we can create hairstyles that exude sophistication and perfectly complement any fashion ensemble.

The Jellyfish

This avant-garde hairstyle pushes boundaries and defies conventions; with its unique layer and vibrant colours, it’s a true fashion statement and demands attention. By embracing the artistry and precision needed for the Jellyfish haircut, we can create hairstyles that are true works of art, capturing the essence of fashion on every strand.