Amaryllis Eco Salon: Nostalgia

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Call it the 'American Hustle' effect, the 1970s pit stop that is particularly fun for designers travelling back in time.

Nostalgia colours; saturated and blissful, even if a bit context. Nostalgia shapes; big and leggy, but also layered and tailored in their cuts. There is a reason Tom Wolfe called it 'the take me decade', it was a sartorially diverse era, evolving from the sixties hippie-bohemian spill over into the more fitted, less flouncy silhouette by the time the 1980s came along.

Key designers who shaped the feel of the decade include Diane Von Furstenberg, who created the jersey wrap dress in 1972, and Holston, whose draped creations adorned Studio 54 regulars like Liza Minnelli and Elizabeth Taylor. Yves Saint Laurent designs were favoured by the likes of Bianca Jagger, who wore his 'Le Smoking Blazer' when she wed Mick Jagger in 1971.

Amaryllis took their inspiration for their latest collection from the movement of the 1970s, a feminine but tailored and well fitted style that eventually flows into a fluty soft edge.

They ranged their looks from a glamorous attitude that Jerry Hall wore well for vogue in 1979 - bouncy hair and dark smoky eyes - to styles that are sleek, sharp and chic, such as a retro Liza Minnelli take on the classic bob.

Colours were placed throughout the hair to add more texture. A mixture of neutral tones was used to anchor vibrant colours, with a palette that consisted of acid yellow, fuchsia, soft grey and greens to create a 70’s appeal. For the neutrals, a mixture of desert blondes, cream blondes and rusty coppers.

Make up was glamorous, full and sexy with red lips and seductive alluring eyes. 

Amaryllis Eco Salon
57 Cowbridge Road East
CF11 9AE

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