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Anastasia Stylianou x Marisa Abela for the 2024 EE BAFTAs

See how to get Anastasia Stylianou’s stunning red-carpet look for English actress Marisa Abela at the 2024 EE BAFTAs using the ghd chronos styler…
  1. Beginning with dry hair, spray ghd pick me up root lift spray into the roots and dry in using the ghd helios professional hairdryer.
  2. Next customise the parting working to the face shape. I opted for a slightly diagonal side part for a softer, more natural look. Then, gently pull out two sections of hair to frame the face - we will build on this at a later stage in the look.
  3. Now that you've selected the front parting, divide the hair into two sections from ear to ear, ensuring clean and even parting. Repeat the sectioning process, creating another horizontal parting at the crown of the head and one at the nape. Use a hairspray and a small brush, I used ghd Final Touch - Narrow Dressing Brush, to tame any flyaways. Secure each section with hair bands, creating three distinct and manageable sections.
  4. Take a small amount of your favourite serum and apply it to the ends of the first section of hair. This will help to hydrate and nourish the ends while providing a sleek finish. Twist the section of hair and then pin it into a textured knot. Repeat this step for the remaining two sections. As you twist and pin each section, remember to leave the ends slightly out. This technique adds texture and dimension to the hairstyle, keeping it cool and relaxed rather than overly polished.
  5. Spray the swooping section generously with hairspray to provide hold and control - I used ghd perfect ending hairspray. Grab your cover clips and gently pinch them along the grooves of the hair in the swooping section. Set your hairdryer to a low speed and cool setting. Use it to dry the section, allowing the hairspray to set the style into place. This step ensures that the hair maintains its defined shape and stays put for hours.
  6. I used the ghd chronos styler to gently glide it over the tails of the hair at the back to bring them out slightly. Lightly mist with a little hairspray for hold. Be careful not to apply too much as we want to avoid a spikey appearance. The goal is to maintain a soft and natural finish.
  7. Take the two pieces of hair framing the front of the face. Spray them lightly with hairspray to add hold and control. Add a small amount of serum to your fingertips and gently smooth it over the front sections of hair to tame any flyaways and add shine. Using the ghd chronos styler, delicately create a subtle "S" shape in each front section of hair - this adds softness and movement. Once you've shaped the sections, gently pin them into the knots at the back of the head.