Are You Festival Ready?

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In case you haven’t noticed it’s June, yes June, which means three things: one, we are officially half way through 2016 and completely bemused as to where the first half of the year has gone; two, it is officially summer – if you can call our weather summer, but let’s swiftly move on – and three, it’s the season of the Great British Festival!

Now long gone are the days of slumming it in a cheap last minute purchased tent with nothing on you but the clothes on your back and your camping bed erected out of cases of alcohol – hair of the dog and all that. Now we are in a new era of festivals and camping, each made more fashionable by the legions of celebrities, bloggers and stylists that attend such events year in year out, filling their Instagram feeds with glamorous selfies that show immaculate make-up, hair and outfits.

So, fancy jumping on the glamping bandwagon and filling your social media feed with photos of you looking festival awesome; of course you do!

Rock this way to ‘Festival Survival 101’...

Colour me happy!

Festival season plus hair equals pastels - and what better way to jazz up your look then playing around with pastel colours. Now if you want a permanent pastel colour, then this will need to be carried out by a skilled technician, so please book a consultation in a qualified salon, which you can find by searching here.

Both Bleach London and Fudge Urban are available at Boots.

But, for some quick and easy fun at the fair hair colour we recommend playing around with pastel hair chalks and colours, as these are a great way to get the pastel effect without the salon effort. If your hair is very dark and you find the colours are not showing up that well, you can always play around with colourful hair pieces by braiding them into your style, or why not try a wig. Wigs have come a long way, and you’ll be surprised at just how many celebrities wear them. For some real wig inspiration check out celebrity stylist Tokyo Stylez.

Style me!

The last thing anyone wants to be doing whilst shaking their groove thing is worrying about their hair. For a festival there are some go-to styles that will never fail, these are plaits, hair-up and messy texture. Plaits are great to leave in all weekend, and you can even let your hair loose on the last day for that real boho vibe. Hair-up, well this one speaks for itself – place hair on top of head and go. Messy texture – the easiest of them all, as you do nothing but spray in some texture and let the elements go to work!

Pop-up salons are now more popular than ever, so if you are having a major hair dilemma, don’t fret. These salons are pretty much available at every festival and are armed with some of the UK’s most talented stylists.

Kit me out!

Behold and feast your eyes on the essentials of festival haircare. These fabulous hero products will safely see any festival-goer through the weekend...

Of course, all the beauty products and fabulous hairstyles in the world won’t help you to look or feel good unless you radiate happiness and confidence from within. So we say let your hair down, kick back with your friends and enjoy yourself this summer, as happiness is where real beauty stems from – but professional stylists and products always help!

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