Baja East: Autumn / Winter 15

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John Targon and Scott Studenberg named their fall collection “Baja Bedouin”, an homage to the brand’s diverse customer base — the rockers, the rappers, the moms, the vagabonds — all united by wanderlust.

Inspired by travels to Morocco, the duo infused their billowy, unisex line-up with texture and movement, as well as neo-tribal graffiti patterns, traditional Indonesian ikat prints, and stripes and paint splatters inspired by Mark Rothko in graphic black and blue.

Hair: GO 24.7 Grooming, created by Kevin Ryan

Inspiration: "For the Baja East AW15 show, we wanted to create a look that reflected the raw, natural attitude of each model’s hair. The result was a creation that walks a fine line between the dapper gentleman and the grunge guy." Kevin Ryan


1. To keep that raw look of your natural hair, use GO 24.7 Texture Paste to give the hair even more messy texture, twisting pieces of hair with your finger, and depending on your length, tucking hair behind your ear

2. Finish the look using GO 24.7 Control Spray for a matte shine and durable hold

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