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Can You Really ‘Wake Up’ Tired Skin?

In our fast-paced, always ‘on’ world, fatigue has become an unwelcome companion for so many of us.

Who can really say they get a full eight hours every night? The toll of sleepless nights, stress, and hectic schedules leaves its mark not only on our energy levels but on our skin too, leaving it dull, depleted, and lacklustre with dark circles and more pronounced fine lines and wrinkles. But can you really ‘wake up’ tired skin and fake a full eight hours when you need it most? 

Skincare Specialist and Katherine Daniels Co-Founder Kirsti Shuba says: “Yes, you can! By flooding the skin with hydrating and energising ingredients it will boost hydration levels and cellular activity to leave you with a brighter, plumper, smoother, more vibrant, ‘awake’ complexion. These fast-acting skin fatigue antidotes will help you look rested and serene even if you’ve been tossing and turning to the wee hours, or dancing the night away…”

Two Minutes to Vibrant Skin…
Katherine Daniels Anti Fatigue Mask (£40/75ml,

The ultimate quick fix for dull, tired skin! But be warned…this mask doesn’t hold back! Giving you impressive results in just 2 minutes!!

Like an ‘energy drink’ for skin, this advanced, salon-strength mask instantly boosts circulation and intercellular energy, delivers an intensely hydrating flash, and envelops your skin in an elastic microfilm for an immediately brighter, firmer, plumper, more vibrant, rested complexion.

  • Hydra-Energising Marine Complex: Gives a hydrating flash effect and anti-fatigue boost by stimulating your skin’s energy and creates an instant firming microfilm. 
  • Vegetal Taurine: Commonly used in energy drinks, boosts intercellular energy to deliver a skin plumping, hydrating flash.
  • Carrageenan from Red Algae: This polysaccharide creates a supportive elastic microfilm to firm. Like shapewear for your face!
  • Marine Water: Enriched with minerals to replenish, revitalise, and stimulate your skin for an instantly brighter, fresher, more radiant complexion.
  • Organic Oat Sugars & Sunflower Oil: Instantly firm and nourish your skin leaving it soft, smooth, dewy and radiant. 
Instantly Bright-Eye Pep…
Katherine Daniels Instant Effect Eye Masks (£75/4 treatments,

Activated right before use the potent, salon-strength eye masks release an intensely moisturising and energising cocktail to ‘wake up’ tired eyes leaving them visibly more luminous, plump, hydrated, smooth and lifted. In just 20 minutes!!

  • Hyaluronic Acid: The activation liquid, which when released onto the eye masks, triggers the release of the high-performance ingredients while hydrating the upper layers of your skin.
  • Sea Kelp: A powerful hydrator and antioxidant packed with a mineral complex to stimulate your skin to act more youthfully. 
  • Mineral Complex (Calcium & Sodium): Awakens the moisture channels in your skin to hydrate, increase cellular energy and firm.