Capital Beauty: The Wonder of PAYOT

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The first female doctor of her generation in 1913, Nadia Payot was a generous woman who asserted her desire very early on to put her knowledge and medical expertise to work for women’s beauty.

Through observing star dancer Anna Pavlova, Nadia Payot introduced her customers to facial exercises with active and preventative treatment. In 1950, this technique led to the 42-movement technique, a massage in the form of passive exercise with the objective of making muscles reactive, flexible and elastic.

In 1927, an avant-garde beauty product brand, PAYOT was inspired by plant fragrances and knowledge from the herbalist’s shop. It declared its difference and boldness by offering its creams in cases with rounded shapes inspired by the female body. In 1937, PAYOT was one of the first brands to open a spa in France.

Not stopping with France, PAYOT has quickly become one of the world’s leading beauty brands, appearing within many professional beauty salons including boutique salon, Capital Beauty.

Based in the seaside town of Portstewart and situated above Madame Margo Hair Design, Capital Beauty offers all your essential beauty needs under one roof. The fully qualified and professional staff offers expert client care and knowledge within a luxurious and uplifting five star environment.

As stockists of PAYOT, Capital offers one its most successful facials, Ultra Lift - an anti-ageing treatment for mature skin with immediate ‘lifting’ effect. Ultra Lift offers the latest anti-aging solution that smooths the skin by treating a loss of firmness and elasticity.

The 75 minute Ultra Lift treatment is applied to, and helps treat, the neck, décolletage, eye contours, lip contour and fine lines, to help aid and treat the skin. Capital Beauty provide PAYOT’s Ultra Lift facial for £60 and recommend a course of four treatments at £192 to really see results.

Main active ingredients:

Purified Algae Biomatrix: Its lyophilised structure means it retains the active ingredients while preserving their moisturising properties
Isoflavones: Improves the quality, suppleness and elasticity of the skin
Algisium: protects against glycation and the appearance of deep wrinkles
Hyaluronic Acid: Powerful moisturiser captures water molecules
Biosaccharide: Creates a film on the surface of the skin for intense hydration

To book an appointment at Capital Beauty and to experience the wonder that is PAYOT, call the team on 02870 836456

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