Colour Trend: Pistachio

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Colour – an essential in the world of hair and beauty! Every now and then a colour seems to take hold and explode onto nails, eyes, lips and hair. And one such colour to keep an eye on is pistachio, which has discreetly been making its mark in fashion, social media and product branding.

Recently we’ve noticed a surge in the colour green, but not just any green, a beautiful soft pale pistachio green. Different shades of pistachio flowed down the runways during A/W 2019 fashion weeks – making this ‘it’ colour here to stay throughout spring and summer.

Fashion hasn’t been the only industry to grab a hold of pistachio, it’s also been spotted on skincare brands such as Glossier and Versed, as well as self-care companies like Chillhouse and Girls’ Night In utilising a shade of pistachio. Similar shades of green can be seen in retail and skincare, like Tuft & Needle, Glow Recipe and Drunk Elephant.

Pistachio oozes modernity and comfort at the same time, so it’s the perfect colour to evoke calmness, optimism and lightness. It’s like it was developed especially for our industry!

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