E-Gift Cards = No Stress by X Hair Lounge Dubai

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Do you have reminder lists for birthdays, anniversaries or maybe you just want to say thank you! Are you an employer who wants to show appreciation to one of your staff for a job well done! Or maybe you want to surprise your loved ones!

Stop the stress of spending hours thinking of the perfect gift and choose the E-Gift Card.

  • Digital gift cards are instant: Consumers want instant gratification and digital gift cards can be delivered to a recipient instantly via email or SMS.
  • Digital gift cards are cheaper: They are fast and simple to purchase online and are great for last minute gifting if you forget the date.
  • Digital gift cards are more secure: Send the e-gift card on demand knowing they are easily tracked to ensure security and never get lost.
  • Personalised for ease: You can personalize with a greeting card, message, photo or video for your family and friends in minutes.
  • Receiving the E-Gift Card: Digital gift cards do not need to be printed which allows the receiver to exchange the card for the given services using their mobile phone.
Digital gift cards for business

When it comes to the question of digital vs physical, the solution is simple. Keep your staff happy, keep your business running lean and make your customers happy by rewarding and incentivising with digital gift cards. This allows a business to be proactive and creative with their gift card program removing the risk of you sending something they will not like or use.

E-Gift Cards are available to purchase for a selection of men’s grooming services at www.xhairlounge.com

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