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As we enter a new year of adaptation and growth there’s a prevalent eagerness to challenge creativity and celebrate individual flair, as the world continues to adapt and evolve.

Schwarzkopf Professional embrace this change, standing together with their partner – the hairdresser – to bounce back better and stronger than ever before. Feel reinvigorated and motivated with three new trends from Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection: WANDERLUST, CRAFTED SOULS and TOUGH ICON.

“Now is the time, to be bold, to be fearless, to step up, chase your dreams and embrace everything that makes you who you are. We are here to help and support you along your journey of discovery and self-empowerment.” - International Creative Director for Schwarzkopf Professional, Simon Ellis

Essential Looks: Inspiration and Creators

Essential Looks is both a trend report and an educational tool, with a primary focus to empower hairdressers across the globe, to do what they do best, BETTER. Essential Looks offers unparalleled insight and access into the latest trends and product innovations as it motivates, educates, and inspires.

With this focus at the forefront, Schwarzkopf Professional’s in-house trend experts scour the globe, venturing across a myriad of countries, cultures, and mediums to identify the key newly emerging lifestyle trends. These trends form the genesis of Schwarzkopf Professional’s product innovations and latest alliteration of Essential Looks.

Through creative collaboration, established hair directions are translated into Essential Looks, showcasing a highly aspirational, nuanced CATWALK look and a more commercialised, relatable SALON look within each of the three trends. This season, Essential Looks’ latest take on lifestyle and fashion trends has been created by the talented hands of some incredible innovators in hair and colour:

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Ambassadors Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison, Global Colour Ambassador Arjan Bevers and Global Styling Ambassador Nick Irwin. Freshly joining the team, Nick Irwin is a true industry icon. He has had prestigious careers with both Toni & Guy and TIGI as their global creative director working alongside Anthony Mascolo, amongst others. Working alongside some of the biggest photographers in the industry, including Rankin and the team at HUNGER magazine, has been instrumental to his creative thought process and led to his esteemed appointment as hair editor at HUNGER.


WANDERLUST is centred around the shifting paradigm of balance between life and work in the modern world, with renewed focus placed on the importance of taking the time to relax, recharge, be without purpose and above all, escape. WANDERLUST explores escaping your everyday reality, traversing the globe, seeking solace in experiencing diverse cultures and an enhanced connection to nature.

The soft, relaxed textures, earth palette and resort feel which encapsulate WANDERLUST can be found readily referenced by the works of designers such as Bottega Veneta, Agnona and Max Mara.

WANDERLUST Catwalk Look Kara

Cut & Style – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston uses a freehand scissor technique to create a big bouncy style with both balance and a lived-in feel.

“It’s about discovering the individual’s unique spirit and translating that into their look.” – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

Colour – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison utilises zones of colour, to create a radiating effect of earthen tones.

“I wanted to create a sunburst of colour, radiating from the scalp. Something that felt optimist in placement, but refined and earthen in terms of palette.” – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

WANDERLUST Salon Look Tereza

Cut & Style – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin creates a long textural look with a razor technique and shattered edges.

“A dreamy effortless girl that embraces the natural nuance of the texture cut, which transports her to another dimension.” – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin

Colour – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison builds slices of colour, adding babylights for a natural-looking sun-kissed effect.

“This look really plays on the escapism element to the trend; creating a lightened, dimensional hair colour that feels like it’s been honed on an Australian beach for the past 6 months.” – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison


Be bold. Art is the answer, creativity; the solution and human connection; the remedy. CRAFTED SOULS is about embracing the power of imagination, channelling our own unique creativity and sense of self to craft a bright, vibrant future. Where art and self-expression are the key to self-fulfilment and growth.

You can see this imagination and commitment to creativity readily in the works of Valentino, Richard Quinn, and Dolce & Gabbana. These bold, vibrant fabrics and exaggerated silhouettes exude an uplifting feel and showcase the sensational craftsmanship on display which, unmistakably, belongs to CRAFTED SOULS.

CRAFTED SOULS Catwalk Look Delia

Cut & Style – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston showcases one of his classic precision cuts with a modern rounded edge.

“This look is about craftsmanship, a beautiful, rounded line but it’s also about clarity; it’s about knowing what your vision is, how to communicate and create it, there’s so much power in that.” – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

Colour – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers adds blocks of colour to craft a focal fringe, with a muted palette of greens and yellow.

“I really wanted to draw inspiration in terms of palette and the way I placed and combined shades, directly from the catwalk, I love how playful Valentino is with their combinations.” – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers

CRAFTED SOULS Salon Look Bianca

Cut & Style – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin goes for a long, undone style with exaggerated texture – it’s confident and relaxed all at the same time.

“For me, I wanted to focus on the refined nuance that appears very simple but applies a strong method. This look evokes a relaxed but confident artisanal feel.” – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin

Colour – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers weaves and teases subtle colour through naturally dark hair for a lifted effect.

“It’s about doing something commercial, but elevated; I wanted to create something akin to a ‘hit of sun’ but bolder to match the overall mood.” – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers


Be powerful. Be brave. Be unmistakably you. Harness the power of your own individual spirit. TOUGH ICON is inspired by the ground breakers, the free-thinkers who inhabit a world filtered through a high-fashion lens. Embrace science and innovative thought to envision a better, alternate future which creates a positive impact today.

TOUGH ICON offers a window to the continued rise of individualism and non-conformity within fashion. Elements of this trend’s style can be found on the streets of Shanghai to the catwalks of Paris Fashion Week, with clear links to Rick Owen’s collections: DRKSHDW and 1017 ALYX 9SM to the emerging Berlin label GMBH. TOUGH ICON blends artificially enhanced tones, monochromes, and individualism to create high fashion.

TOUGH ICON Catwalk Look Cao

Cut & Style – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin crafts a modern undercut style with contrasting textures and a broken, shattered edge for a statement finish.

“I envisioned a new age gender fluid traveller. Embracing strength and attitude through the haircut.” – Global Styling Ambassador, Nick Irwin

Colour – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers used a double application technique to achieve a clean and powerful azure blue – this is one head-turning look.

“This look is all about the process; you must achieve a clean lift when pre-lightening to achieve the blue. That is the key to the impact, but also to the longevity/wearability of this look.” – Global Colour Ambassador, Arjan Bevers

TOUGH ICON Salon Look: Luise

Cut & Style – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston creates a graphic cut with a strong base line. This is a beautiful chin-length bob, crafted with soft graduation.

“It’s about the power and impact of that line. It’s hard and graphic but at the same time there’s still softness and movement.” – Global Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

Colour – Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison keeps her blonde lift super cool thanks to strong neutralisation crafting an icy, white blonde with hints of soft pastel.

“I wanted to create something powerful but that also had a softness, a hidden subtlety; that spoke of a strong warrior like woman still with compassion, reliability. The re-geared.” - Global Ambassador, Lesley Jennison

Essential Looks eMagazine

Schwarzkopf Professional’s Essential Looks Collection seeks to empower hairdressers; tour the world of Essential Looks via with the 1:2022 eMagazine and feel inspired by a wealth of exclusive inspirational and educational content that challenges hairstyling techniques.

All content is available 24/7 from the device of your choice. Easy access and navigation, user-friendly, all inspiration, creative process and much more at your fingertips! Find your access code in the printed Essential Looks magazine, booklet, A2Z or contact your sales rep.  Remember to follow @schwarzkopfprouk on social media and keep up with Essential Looks via the #apassionforhair and #essentiallooks hashtags.

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