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The ever so talented team at Mango Love Hair in Durham reveal their perfect festival hairstyles that won't let you down this summer!

Go Short

This Emeli Sande short style is perfect for festivals because it is so easy to create yourself and it looks amazing.

Before you head off for your festival weekend, give your hair a really good shampoo and spritz on some of Label.m's Sea Salt Spray followed by a rough blow-dry to give your hair a tousled look.

Then, using GHD Mini Stylers, take sections of your hair and curl in a forward diagonal direction. Dress out the curls with your fingers and massage Label.m's Resurrection Dust into the root area. This will help you achieve maximum root lift and controlled volume. Back comb the hair if you wish for a fuller finish.

To maintain this style throughout the festival, use Label.m Dry Shampoo and Moroccanoil to revive your style.

The Top Knot

When at a festival, hair can become wild. We have the solution - the top knot!

Creating this is easier than it looks, simply tip your head upside down, gather in all of your hair and tie it in a bobble. Seal any fly always with a gel, we love to use Label.m Gel because it's not sticky and it helps fight off humidity.

Next, back-brush sections of the ponytail and wrap the sections around each other to create a top knot shape. Finally, pull a few pieces of hair out until a desired natural look is achieved. Use Label.m's Hold 'n' Gloss Spray for a firm but flexible hold and instant long lasting shine.

Boho Babe

This must be one of the easiest festival hairdo's. The night before the festival, shampoo your hair thoroughly and then apply Label.m's Curl Cream throughout the mid-lengths and ends - this will stop your curls from dropping.

Next, section the hair in half and plait each section from the neck downwards. In the morning make sure your hair is completely dry and remove the plaits. Tip your head upside down and spray Label.m's Texturizing Spray all over your hair and scrunch for a tousled, festival look. Back comb the roots of your hair for added volume - the bigger the better!

To maintain this style whilst you're at the festival, just section your hair into plaits again and keep them in overnight. Don't forget to take your texture spray with you too!

Plait It

This look is simple but very effective for the festival season. It's easy to create and long lasting, so it's perfect for those long weekends! To prepare your hair for this fabulous look, shampoo as normal then use Label.m's Blow Out Spray for hold and volume. Rough dry your hair, then back comb at the roots using Label.m's Hairspray on each section for maximum hold.

Tip your head upside down and using Label.m's Colour Spray - pink (or red, purple or blue), spray four to five stripes from the mid-lengths to ends. This will give you fabulous and exciting festival colours without the commitment. Pull all of your hair back and plait, starting from the top of your neck down to the ends.

To get your hair festival ready book an appointment with the team at Mango Love Hair!

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