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Yesterday at the Victoria Beckham show in New York, iconic hairstyling brand ghd partnered with fashion designer Victoria Beckham and international session stylist Guido Palau to create the hair look for the autumn/winter 2016 show.

Sleek ponytails at Victoria Beckham

You only need two tools to create this very simple dual textured ponytail. It’s a very modern and almost futuristic style, turning the classic ponytail into something special, with hard shine at the front and very soft movement at the back. - Guido Palau

1. Blow-dry hair back from the face with the ghd air® hairdryer (£99) to eliminate frizz and create a clean hairline.

2. Secure hair in a low pony at the nape of the neck with elastic.

3. Achieve a little movement in the ponytail by loosely wrapping sections of hair around the barrel of the ghd curve® soft curl tong (£120). Don’t curl the hair; you simply want to add a bend to it.

4. Apply a strong hold hairspray to the hairline to hold the look and lend a wet-look finish.

A great hair-dryer really minimises dry time and therefore limits damage to the hair. Effective tools are essential to modern styling. - Guido Palau

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