ghd X New York Fashion Week A/W18

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ghd Fashion Week ambassador, Eugene Souleiman was on hand at New York Fashion Week to create impeccable styles for Dion Lee and Jeremy Scott.

Dion Lee

Tough glamour at Dion Lee created by Eugene Souleiman

There’s an easiness to this collection, but also a toughness. Today’s Dion Lee woman is creative, intelligent and fast living. She moves and acts with haste and I wanted to reflect all of this by crafting hair that is simultaneously sharp, cool and wearable. - Eugene Souleiman.

Inspired by the Dion Lee collection, Eugene Souleiman created two variations on a single look whereby the texture of the hair changed seamlessly from root to tip. Models were given sharp, clean, deep side-partings which transformed into a looser, more natural form in the mid-lengths and then again into raw, discretely waved ends with movement.

Girls with thicker hair had it scooped into low-slung ponytails; others had it loose and simply tucked behind the ear. In the pre-show line up Eugene pressed fine flyaways found on the hairline onto the forehead. 

At first glance this hair is simple, but in reality it’s very nuanced. The deep side parting lends sharpness, the wisps a soft rawness.

Mid-lengths and ends are loosely tonged to add natural movement, not to curl. Use ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong to create texture and movement in a really subtle way. - Eugene Souleiman

Get the look:
  1. Create a deep, straight side parting on the side of the head that suits best.
  2. Spray Wella Elements Leave In Conditioning Spray and EIMI Mistify Me Light close to the hair at the roots so that the hair doesn’t look too fresh and clean.
  3. Blow-dry hair with the ghd Air hairdryer (£99) to achieve a smooth finish that sits flat to the head.
  4. Use the ghd Oval Dressing Brush (£20) to smooth hair back from the hairline and to give a sleek finish around the head.
  5. Enhance the hair’s natural texture in the mid-lengths by spraying EIMI Sugar Lift and diffusing it using the ghd Air hairdryer and diffuser.
  6. With the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong (£120), add the slightest texture and movement through the ends of the hair.
  7. A spritz of EIMI Dry Me lends a dusty, dryness to hair tips.
  8. Tuck hair being worn down behind the ears, or scoop it up into a low-slung pony.


Jeremy Scott

Neon Geometric Sharp Bobs at Jeremy Scott AW18

The aim for today is to get the hair to look as glossy and sharp as possible, almost fake looking.  There’s a strong synthetic feeling running through Jeremy’s collection and we are taking that and very much running with it. - Eugene Souleiman.

Inspired by the gloss and vibrant colour of various fabrics in Jeremy Scott’s collection, as well as its loose association with the late 60’s, Eugene imagined ‘neon geometric’ wigs in electric yellow, tangerine, lilac, pink, green and turquoise – the sharper and shinier the better. Wigs in a rainbow of neon colours were blow-dried and then straightened with the NEW ghd Gold Professional Styler to lend hyper-real perfection.

This colour spectrum is normally associated with loose, undone styles, but this look is sharp, geometric and almost space-age. It is in some ways homage to Vidal Sassoon and his cuts. He left us with his legacy. When perfection becomes more than perfection it becomes unreal. - Eugene Souleiman

Get the look:
  1. Apply heat protection and blow-dry a neon wig with the ghd Air Hairdryer (£99) to achieve a smooth, polished finish.
  2. Straighten with the NEW ghd Gold Professional Styler (£139) to make the wig perfectly straight, shiny and super glossy.
  3. Before applying the wig, tightly wrap hair around the head and apply a wig cap.
  4. Apply the wig.
  5. Run the NEW ghd Gold Professional Styler over any flyways or kinks to maintain hyper-real smoothness and intense shine.
  6. Use classic haircutting techniques to craft a razor sharp fringe and graphic, super blunt tips.
  7. Lightly spritz hairspray into roots for a slight lift.  

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